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A dpreview member has mounted an rds on the the horizontal axis of the fz5 using a flash rail type setupattached tothe tripod hole. That looks relatively easy. I had assumed the rds shouldbe placed on the vertical axis for best results but apparently a horizontal orientation will work just as well. See http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=16558993
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Thanks Fred-

I hadn't seen the post before. Actually, I had considered this approach since the tripod mounting threads where already there. That's what took me so long at Lowes - looking for something that would be close to functional to mount there; L-brackets, flat bar stock etc. In the end, the 2" coupler seemed to be the easiest and most straight forward. The taper sanding was a pain but in the end it does the job.

A side mounted sight will work just as well and would be less challeging for the shade tree hobbiest, I suppose.

For me, it feel more 'normal' to have the sight above the EVF/lens. Now I just have to find time from bad weather/work schedules to put it to use! And to learn how being near-sighted and the Daisy's silvered lens can work together...
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