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Since I used this forum to make my decision to buy the FZ8, thought I would share my first sunset picture. This camera has exceeded my expectations. Lots of custom settings for a variety of situations. RAW is absolutely facinating with what you can do with a picture. Discovered the Bibble Labs application (http://www.bibblelabs.com) that supports the FZ8 RAW. It has very easy to use and powerful RAW functions. I am working with the free demo and will probably buy it. Advice on using P Mode with -1/3 EV is just about right for most shooting, but there are plenty of other settings I have yet to explore. Yes, there is noise at higher ISOs, but I have shot at 800 in decent light and with PP got usable small prints. I wasn't expecting a Canon 5D for under $300. The only thing missing is a little man who comes out from the camera to hit me on the nose to remind me to take off the lens cap when I turn the camera on.
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Not a single reply. Must be a bad picture. Goodbye group.
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Not a bad picture, sometime things just move slow on the forum....Its only just morning here....

In terms of P mode, I am a dedicated fan of A mode. Essentially I try to leave A about 5-5.6 (the FZ30 sweet spot) I can then quickly move the aperture up or down depending on my DOF needs, or if DOF is not the issue I can change the aperture to affect the shutter speed (ie open up for faster sgutter, close it down for slower shutter). Only really change it when I need to go manual for a night shot.

Bibble is a prettyr good application and I just love RAW as well, though I am using Lightroom.

As far as the photo is concerned, nothing much wrong with it. Here is may take. I have cropped (kept 16:9 format) because I thought the balance between sky and land was too far to sky, I have dropped the exposure a touch and increased contrast for drama. Of course this does not make the shot better, it is just my view, no more right than anyones else's view. In the end it is you that needs to be happy with your shots. (lots of artifacts from playing with the reduced jpeg, but you get the idea)

Don't give up on us mate, persist.
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dont give up us FZ8ers are in short supply. You have to remember this is a global forum hence people come and go at different times of the day and night relative to where u are. Also you posted on a fri/sat when less people are online anyways.

Anyway to you picture I like it but I reckon you've had to drop the quality of the original to get it to fit on the allowed size of this forum. A better way of doing it it to link from an external source (like flickr) this will enable you to post any picture of any quality you like (it took me a while to realise this was a better way of doing it)(check out my Kenya series you'll see what I mean).

Other advise the more you comment on others photos the more you'll get !!! everyones nice round here m8 !!

Good Luck and stay around

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