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Narmer Nov 7, 2005 11:12 AM

I keep from inserting the previews as I generally do for the pics (or the place) are not as good as the last ones (see the post "An Island in the Sky").

Note on ZOTO

This space is Free and allows for 2 Gb of uploads.
That'sreallygreat, but sadly all the PROs end up here.

If you bother doing thumbnails, Zoto does for you (it does anyway) and they are not sharpened and you can't decide which thumb to use in the gallery templates (size and shape).
Also it is impossible to retain a certain order of images within the galleries (unless all the images are not PPed), the viewed images are resized and recompressed (which makes them very smooth: if the original is less than 800 pixels most of the galleries kinds will also enlarge the original).
The file name is changed to an endless number-letters combination name and you cannot edit the gallery (HTML) files.
Soemtimes a few of the pictures are uploaded on servers which are down, so they won't show up.
The fact that files names are changed is very bad for those who want to keep a browsable version of the html gallery on the HD: it's impossible to do that usindZoto.

I hope these issues will be addressed, for I really have a bad feeling using this service (really you get what you pay for) although I rehearse that the fact that it's FREE and very large is to be stressed (and Zoto must be Praised at least for this chance it gives).


fmoore Nov 7, 2005 4:07 PM

I agree there are alot of shortcomings with zoto the most immediate being the poor quality downsizing/compression from the original. I wouldn't depend on itin the long run; ie, expecting your original to still be there free of charge two years from now. For now, it is a good way to post your your shots here for free with the gallery option. I would suggest uploading 640x480 or 800x600 with whatever post processing you desire as the original and then posting the url of that image in the Insert Image window. That way you will be assured of no quality variation between what you see from your hard drive and what you see from zoto. (At least I think that is true.)

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