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I took the liberty of ordering myself a Tamrac Velocity 7 "sling pack" carrying case for my FZ20. I've had it unprotected since I bought it over a month ago, and my upcoming honeymoon in San Diego reinforced the necessity of a case for it.

I settled on the Velocity 7 after reading some pretty positive reviews about it. It is the neat "sling pack" design, that wears like a backpack with a single strap going over one shoulder and across your chest. When you want to get the camera out, just slide the whole pack around your chest in one quick motion, pop the quick-snap release, and the bag is open!

It is a very well-designed product, with tons of little compartments and zippered areas for extra storage. In addition to the main 'sling' shoulder strap, there is a waist strap the is hidden in a pocket but can pull out to snap like a belt. This is great for extra support or if you are hiking or doing some other activity where the bag would get jostled around otherwise. The bag also looks very durable, which is in line with everything I'veread about these cases. It wears comfortably and isn't too big or unsightly on your back. In fact, I'm wearing it as I type this to see how it feels as I keep it on. So far, so good!

The only complaint I would have about this case is the size.I have the following setupright now:

- FZ20 body with standard lens
- Phayee adapter tube
- 62mm UV filter
- Phayee 72mm tube
- 72mm collapsable rubber lens hood
- 72mm tethered lens cap

Thisfits "okay".It will fit an FZ20 with no problem whatsover - like a glove, really. The only thing about my setup causing a slight problem is the rubber collapsable lens hood - it has a very wide diameter, and the rubber material is very 'sticky' - that is, it doesn't slide in and out of the case very easily. If it were a smaller diameter, or made of plastic/metal, it would slide in and out with no problem. But of course I bought this hood because of it's design, so I wouldn't trade it for an easier-fitting one.

Don't get me wrong - it's not a bad fit or anything, with all that. It just takes a half second of extra care or attention when putting it in or taking it out due to the lens hood. Otherwise, the FZ20 is quite comfy!!

I also have the following accessories in the front pocket of the bag:

- Panasonic battery charger (nice little sewn pocket that perfectly fits the charger)
- Lens cloth (in a plastic sleeve that slides perfectly behind the charger in the same pocket)
- Spare battery (this case has 2 little pockets designed to hold spare batteries and/or memory cards - nice fit too!)

And inside the bag, I have a couple of spare lens caps of different sizes and a couple adapter rings. I don't have any nice filters or lenses to put in there yet, but I foresee no problems getting them to fit well. Only a big tele or wide angle lens would have problems fitting comfortably, I think.

All in all, this camera bag is just about perfect for my needs. I can have it on nearly all the time when I'm out and about. The design couldn't be more convenient. It has storage space for my camera and all of the accessories I have and will need in the foreseeable future. Plus it has space for anything else I'd want to throw in, like a cell phone, wad of money, wallet, etc, if I didn't want to carry them in a pants pocket or something. Another neat bonus is being able to simply slide the pack around if you're on a bus or sitting somewhere and popping the top, then being able to review the pics on the LCD without even getting the camera out. Nice way to kill a few spare minutes...

Also noteworthy is the fact that it is rather low-profile in comparison to a lot of other camera bags on the market. Since it wears like a backpack, it serves as a nice theft deterrent for a couple of reasons: First, anyone wanting to take it from you would have to physically assault you and remove the bag, since it's really pretty attached to your frame. That fact alone would prevent most quick thieves from running by and grabbing it from your hand or shoulder. Second, it just doesn't look like most camera bags! Now don't get me wrong, it is quite visibly different in appearance than most plain backpacks, but it doesn't scream "I'm full of valuable equipment - STEAL ME!" either.

So to conclude this (unnecessarily long) review, I award the Tamrac Velocity 7 eight out of ten stars: 8/10


- Comfortable
- Intuitive design allowing for quick and easy access
- Lightweight for features (IMO)
- Plenty of storage for basic accessories


- Could be too small if you have large accessories (rubber collapsable lens hood, large add-on lenses or external flash)
- A small nitpick: The internal velcro-attached padded dividers can be relocated to fit your camera's/accessories' dimensions, but there are literally 10 velcro strips per padded section. This proved to be a headache when removing and reinserting them, because you feel like you're going to rip the bag apart trying to get them out, or they get stuck every way but right when trying to reinsert them. A small gripe though

In the end, I'd highly recommend this case for any FZ-- owner. A smaller case simply won't do really, but this will be quite adequate unless you need external flash or add-on lens capacity. In that case, the bigger brother of this model is the Velocity 9, and will cover most any needs.

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Thanks for the review. Two weeks ago, I purchased the Velocity 9 and am very happy with it, I can fit the following items in it with room to spare:

FZ20 w/Phayee adapter, Sunpak 383 flash + Stofen, TCON 14B, WCON 08B, Nikon 6T, Polarizer, UV filter, 2 extra batteries + Charger, Hoya 72mm rubber lens hood, Tamron modified 86mm lens hood for the 14B (it's aBIG 6" long), remote shutter cable, lens bellows, lens brush, lens paper, all connector cables, all manuals andMicro tripod.
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