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HarjTT May 23, 2006 5:41 PM

I know some of the guys and gals with the FZ's have bought DSLR's recently and a few of them for Pentax DSLR's. Well Pentax just announced the K100D a 6MP DSLr with in body IS, which I think works on the same basis as KM/SONY's.

Here's the info

Looking at the price points - just $700 to 600 with kit lens.

Its going to be pretty interesting to see what Pana do in the next few months and esp with the L1 - price it too high and they may just loose a big section of Lumix users and they may just do that anyway esp if the cam is not due till at least Sept 2006.

May be we should ahve a poll to get some feedback on whether people are going to move to the FZ40 or the L1 or a Sony R1 or another DSLR.




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