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HarjTT May 11, 2006 8:05 PM

Steve's got a link to the new SONY slr - looks very similar to the KM5/7D to me. No mention of IS but I'm assuming it has it in body too but I did notice no Carl Ziess labled lens is pictured with the camera. Now is this a replacement for the 5D or 7D?

I still really like the design of the L1 - for street shooting it'll be really sweet and I'm sure the lens is going to be pretty special. My only concerns are the hand grip does'nt look big enough, the shutter button should be like the FZ30, no tilt swivel LCD and the price is going to be high but how high is anyones guess. The Canon 30D that Squirrl picked up is £850 including the std kit lens so I'm hoping Pana will price the L1 realistically.



milrodpxpx May 12, 2006 8:25 AM

anyone else notice the Alpha 'A' is alot similar to the Leica 'L' on all of our sweet cameras?! it'll be interesting to see where sony goes with their dSLR camera line.

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