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Thanks to all of you.

Yes I am lucky, for Italy has so many beauties all concentrated in a relatively small area.
And Campania (the region of Napoli) has many great places.
- Mountains of Matese are among the most "untouched" by progress here in Italy.
- Savage woods in the Irpinia (Avellino)
- marvellous islands (Ischia, Capri, Procida)
- the Vesuvio volcano and Campi Flegrei (Pozzuoli, Baia)
- Pompei, Ercolano, Stabia and the other Roman cities destroyed by the eruption in 79AD
- Caserta Royal Palace
- the splendours in Cilento
- and the Amalfi/Sorrento coast/ Monti Lattari with really an incredible number of splendid locations
and many more places in Benevento, Salerno, and of course Napoli.

I have so many photos of the last 2 months to post here....


PS Macnite this is not what I do for living, only for fun.
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Tcook, yes FZs are great cameras.

The only situation in which I am really often disappointed by FZ20 is when sky is badly overcast/rain. As yesterday, when I accompanied some friends from Toscana on the Amalfitan coast: low shutter speeds owing to dark sky forced me to use ISO 200 (which generally gives me fairly usable photos), but in the situations in which, even at LOW NR -the only Camera setting I never change- gave me too patchy/watercolor-like pics. That's why I d prefer to take a FZ30, to use its greater res/RAW and which seems to have less heavily Noise reduced images than the 50

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Hi Francesco,

Very nice pictures, as usual

Can you share your 1..2..3 steps for making these niceBW pic's ? I assume it's PP and not camera direct,

Best Regards from Portugal,

Jorge Campos
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thanks Jorge

I generally don't use to shoot directlyBW (unless I am using a red or orange filter).
And I do not use to make BW by simpledesaturation of the RGB image anymore.
First of all you need to have/use Photoshop (ver. 4 on).

1) you can enhance the blue of the sky with Adobe Photoshop "Selective colors" Adjustment, turnin it darker blue (easier if you have used a polarizer).

2) Se the channels palette, and look at the RED (generally very dark sky and high contrast with clouds, but more grainy than GREEN) or Green.

Select all and copy and paste onto.
Now you can either flatten the image or use the "Multiply" blending mode (with a less than 100% percentage) and then flatten and pick up the RED or GREEN channel.

3) in the end apply Noise reduction to the image (eventually to the sky only, selecting it with magic wand or with the "color range" selection)


another thing is the slight "viration" color variation of the BW (slightly blue, sepia, red ....): with Photoshop -> "Hue & Saturation" panel select the upper "button" (the small white squareyou can activatewith a "V") and then change the hue and the saturation (also very low, between 4 and 12 to have a very slight hue variation, generally towards sepia, red, brown....)

This one below was green channel only and then slightly brownish change with H&S.
You can do more B-W variations in Photoshop with "Channel mixer" and then checking "Monochrome" button.

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