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The fossils down here (except for the snail) are c. 90.000.000 years old (Cretacic)


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Fabulous - in addition to getting some great shots, it looks like everyone had loads of fun :-). The people pics are really a nice addition, thanks for posting them! Like the pano - is the very, very tall tree also a pano? The fossils are great too, nice addition of the shell, adds interest and ties the series together. I could go on and on, but no - can't since I have to go find some luch after looking at those sausages! Fab post - they're all super!
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Really great shots Francesca, the scenery the people


The gallery is so well put together, the tiling of some of the images is so cool. how do you do it,
The panorama is beautifull (canon A300) the tree pano too great.... the panfried Italian sausages delicious


ps. with just the FZ20 no addons great images ... keep it simple

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Thank you Suze.
Yes the tree (as you can see by the file-name) is made up of 4 images.
I like your pics and macros too.

Thanks Boyzo
I use Photoshop 7 for any PP.
The horizontal Pano was made with Canon A300 because it suffers less the sky light (I did not use the in cam Stitching function).
A 300 does not have an exposure lock but sometimes its exposition (and nearly always the colors) are better than FZ20.
However the last is greater in all the rest.
It's very irritating that a less than 200€ cam can -in some condition, owing to its small lens- provide better shots (in color and exposition) than a 500€ cam and also than a correctly used dSLR like Fuji S2: the latter ones, without a polarizer, can suffer in conditions in which a poor cam manages to take the shot...

Also A300 uses only F3,6 (in macros and dark situations) and F5,6 (landscapes):
With FZ20 I have half spolied some landscapes shots (with or without zoom) for trusting too much P mode: this is not bad, but in some conditions it's better to stay away from F2,8 - 4 and go with F 5,6 - 8 in A mode to increase the DOF, especially if the shutter speed remains fast enoughfor a steadyshot.
This will make better details in the distant objects.
The only bad thing in trekking is that -even if I am always among the first ones- you cannot experiment too much with photos, or you remain too far behind the group.
I wanted to try some no-flash, F8 ISO 200 macros, with more DOF.
I know that the 100% pic can result a bit too grainy (loss of micro details) and noisy, but at 50% it becomes sharp and perfect, and it is still a 1200x900 image !
Must see that. Yet i fear that when I'll have the 6T I'll also need an external flash...

Finally about the sausages:
believe me, I live in Napoli, more than 100Km from where the pics have been taken.
To taste real meat like that is nearly impossible here, one must go in the inner countries and mountains where the food seems to have retained the tastes of the past. With some chili and other spices I cannot name, they were really god's food.
With all the respect and love I have for the animals, domestic and wild, I must confess that I 'll never become a vegetarian, although Pizza remains my favourite food.


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