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Rezajune Dec 22, 2004 12:37 AM

Newbies, you guys should spend more time taking pictures and learning about general photography.....instead of taking a few pictures and expecting your miracle FZ to take care of everything or forums like this to take care of you.

This is not fair to the FZ camera, I am sorry for the newbies who come to this kind of forum (DPR Forum not this one) and feel like the FZ is a gift from the Gods and that you can take pics that no other camera can compare too.
Wrong. Its just a camera at the end.

Using Techniques to improve your shoot is what matters. How in the world have we taken pics before the FZ.

I notice a lot of newbies take 100 first pics and then complaining that the pics is not up to par with what they expected.
Newbies 101.

Best advice of all. Back track on the forum...even if you have to go to the very very first post of the forum...and also don't forget google.

1) Take it out of the Box and kiss the camera gently.

2) Take the manual out of the box and caress it.

3) Read the manual as you play with the camera and stop kissing at this moment by now.

4) As you get familiar with the camera you will get even more confused by new words such as ISO, APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEEDS, DOF, FOB, SOB, and so on.

5) Now is the time to learn about new words in your vocabulary by using google and searching forums. It takes about 1000000 longer to learn if you keep on asking questions in any forum.
6) Take some more shots.

7) Learn about general photography

8) Take some more shots

9) Learn about general photography

10) Take some mroe shots

11) Learn more about general photography.

12) About now you probably should know enough to answer some of the questions posted here and its time to learn about enhancing your photographs on the computer.
13) Take some more shots

14) Learn about digital enhancing on Photoshop or whatever program you might use.
15) Shots

16) Photoshop

17) Shots

18) Photoshop.

19) Show of your pics to family, mistress, ex boyfriend, minister, policeman, senator, or general human beings..and of course DPR forums.

I have used this method and never once asked a question. Actually I don't think I have ever posted a question (unless you talk about my satire questions about forums)[only on DPR forum] but contributed to them.

I care about you newbies and wish you guys the best. I can consider myself still a newbie but you would never know by the pics that I take by taking my time with this camera.

Oh by the way, it took my like 1 months to figure out Aperture so I know how confused some of you guys can get.

jer1ivp Dec 22, 2004 8:33 AM

Good is amazing what happens when you read/studyand and apply....repeat..........etc.......etc....

Johnt Dec 22, 2004 10:15 AM

Ah but I have read the manual inside and out and been too afraid to ask on here but what the hell here goes.....................

Where do you put the film.


greenbaron Dec 22, 2004 11:20 AM

hahahahahahh :-)Great fun John :cool:

Agree with Reza; And I think if you find out things yourselfs, it gives more satisfaction, and you won't forget it. A simple answer to a simple question can be forgotten fast. Somefirm basic knowledge is neccesary to understand themore difficult things.But than, none should be difficult, if you follow the steps, written by Reza.

All that you have to find out by yourself is framing. Usually it's the frame that makes the picture; Have a look at pictures that "have it", and try to find out how come. Only by that, and shooting, shooting, and even more shooting, you'll get the feeling. And once you've got the feeling, you can get the most out of your material.

I don't think it's unhealthy to be a proud owner, and have some faith in yer material; Just be sure your're worth your material. Othwerwise you could do just as well with less.

Happy landings, GB

Rezajune Dec 22, 2004 11:43 AM

Honestly the best the I have done to learn and guide me the most is this forum.

I went back and started looking at the very ..very ..very first post here at steves forum..I mean the very first and just started reading them.

I kind of skipped most the stuff because at that time I only had a FZ1 but there were still great info even if one didn't have a FZ1.

Then I upgraded to FZ10 and started all over again starting from the first post here ever and began reading about the FZ10.

It amazed me how much I learned. I have no idea why anybody would miss out on so much info.

The amount of info almost somtimes made my head explode so I had to calm down and take my time again reading them again.

Vmax911 Dec 22, 2004 11:52 AM

Being a newbie myself, I totally agree with the "Reza Timeline." Luckily I have found the search buttons both here and on DPreview. In just my short time in the digital photo world, I have seen the same questions arise two or three times in one week by different people ("Do I really need and adapter to put a filter on my fz?" or "Is my cameradefectivesince my shot of candlelight ping pong turned out blurry?").

As for me, I am in the lows teens on the Reza-line, and about 2/3 the way through "Digital Photography for Dummies."

Happy shooting

vIZnquest Dec 22, 2004 12:04 PM

Johnt Dec 22, 2004 12:36 PM

Yep great topic.

I have been going crazy the past week wondering why my shots are looking crap and as it is winter in Liverpool UK everything seems grey so I thought it had something to do with this.

I was showing a mate my fz20 yesterday and he is well into his slr photography and he liked the look and spec of the fz20.

He called me about an hour later to ask why I had the exposure 1+1/3 underexposed and it seems I must have been having a twiddle and forgot to put it back to normal though I didn't notice I had moved it anyway.

So with a bit of help from my friend I have sorted one problem out.

Now to take photo's as mentioned then learn all the other stuff later.


NickTrop Dec 22, 2004 3:13 PM

I thought I noticed a bit of an edge to some of your replies, rezajune. It's true though, and I notice this also with students I teach...

Google and you will find!!! (Learning how to use advanced search techniques helps too!)

... similarly, if an application has a "Help" button in the toolbar... it's amazing how many students will call you over and ask something that's addressed right there. I usually answer by clicking the help file and typing in their question just to be a wise arse. (...and to get them in the habit.)

... however, this issue occurs on every forum. It goes on all the time in technical forums, and often those folks get flamed.

Also... the "stick post about the FZ-1 and FZ-2 in the beginning of this forum is invaluable for these cameras. 90% of everything I learned about these cameras, I learned from that site (and this forum and DPreview...)

Vmax911 Dec 22, 2004 3:47 PM

NickTrop wrote:

I thought I noticed a bit of an edge to some of your replies, rezajune. ...

I don't blame him. I actually found out about this forum while searching for info on adapters, and found the "Filter questions" thread. I read the entire thread, and noticed that rezajune was asked the same questions multiple times in the same thread!

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