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That was really frustrating when I tried my best to explain things in the "questions about filters" thread and people just went to the very end and wanted me to answer their questions without even trying to take 2 minutes to go their the thread. I love helping people, but there is so much a person can do. What was that famous quote "God helps the people who help themselves"

that is why I like this forum. Its small community and stupid (redundant) questions sometimes doesn't even get answered here. That is why I still learn new stuff every week. Always appreciate you guys's info in this forum and unlike other forums,,,,our pictures here rock!!!!!!!
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Rezajune wrote:
and unlike other forums,,,,our pictures here rock!!!!!!!
Speaking of which, Mr. Rezajune... when are you gonna post a few of your pieces? It's been a while!

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Hi Im a newbie but you can call me Laura!

But i have been reading all the way back and have learned so much and i have been lurking on the panasonic forum for awhile,and i too was thinking why in the heck do they keep asking the same ??? over and over again....

I had the Kodak 7630 and i didn't care for it,so my husband got me the FZ20 after i was researching for one that i can grow with. And yes i Love this Z20..when i got the camera i had it in my lap and reviewed all the past post again and with each one i would look at my camera and try and copy with what was being written, Im still learning but now i worry that i might scratch the lens so im putting in a order for the Phayee adapter tube ....Ok so please don,t freak but i don have one little ???...this is what ron sent back to me

Sorry, don't have B+W 62mm HMC any more; we currently have the high end HOYA 62mm super pro thin 1 HMC for $39.......

Do i need this and will it fit...what does it do..also ...62mm or 72mm corded custom lens caps .....What size ..ok i swear after this i will stay a lurker till i am up to par with all of you or better yet better than you all!!...

Thank you so kindly...You have helped me so much ..and sometimes i can be an undercover blonde but i dont mean to be as my husband says.............Thanks!! Laura..

oh and when i said blonde thats just a figure of speech... so please dont take it personally...:roll:
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You should be able to pick up a 62mm and 72mm lens cap very cheaply.

PM me and I can cite a reasonable source.

Steve (of Steve's dig cams :-)) does not want links to actual vendor items for sale in his threads.

When you have a moment please post some of your FZ20 pics :idea:either in panasonic forum or one of the Post Your Photos forums.
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