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Narmer Apr 12, 2006 3:12 PM

Click on the thumbs for full size pics:;view=image;view=image;view=image;view=image;view=image

For the whole GALLERY (29 pictures) see this link: amp;zoomset=9


CerambyX Apr 12, 2006 3:19 PM

Really nice pictures. Did you use polarizer filter? Atleast it looks like you did :-)
And interesting PP work on the last one :cool:


Narmer Apr 12, 2006 3:23 PM

Yes CerambyX I did use the polarizer in the morning as you can see from the darker skies and slower shutter speed (around 1/320 with average aperture in pics which would usualluy meter at 1/640-1/800 without the polarizer.

HarjTT Apr 12, 2006 4:22 PM


As always a cracking series of shots. There's just so much to see and photograph on your doorstep!

Keep posting mate!




bridgetb Apr 12, 2006 4:28 PM

I want to be there!!!!! I love the ocean! Where are these pictures taken?

Tazzie Apr 12, 2006 8:51 PM

Wonderful stuff. A while back I took you to say something similar to: your pictures are perhaps easier due to the scenery you visit. The last two here are superb and that came from you. thanks for sharing, and taking us along again.

Narmer Apr 13, 2006 9:09 AM


Tazzie, yes I myself said something like that to those who live in NW States and Canada.

But I also have really great landscapes in Campania (the region of Napoli, South Italy, Bridgetb) all at hand.

And FZ20 is a camera which makes you want to shoot more and more (Macro at 2,5x zoom from close to subject or tele-macros are however good as you can see from the two pics here)...

The big problem for me is trying to shot LESS: after such walkabouts I am back home with at least 200 pics and it needs at least another whole day to PP the good ones (I generally erase the bad ones on the spot). For some shot PP can also last more than the usual 3-5 minutes (up to 15-20 for the most complex ones)...
But when I visit such places rich of different views it's really hard to resist, with digital camera.

Francesco Raffaele (Narmer)

For a comparison of my FZ20 Shots with two other photographers' ones (with EOS 350D) see the last two galleries here:
("Agropoli - Castellabate")

thekman620 Apr 13, 2006 10:58 AM

Great photos Narmer. You have a very good eye.:cool:........'kman.

LadyhawkVA Apr 13, 2006 11:12 AM

Wonderful photos put together into a nice group that mixes the bigger scene and the small details.

bridgetb Apr 13, 2006 4:30 PM

Italy is on my list of places to visit (I have a long list of places I want to see!!!)

Did you take the pictures in the gallery?

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