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Default Nice Leica, But...

I think it's great some of you are coming across your Grandfather's Leica, or won one super cheap on eBay, but posting a picture with five Leica models and going "Oh man, really gotta learn how to use these" isn't the Leica spirit. This isn't a camera porn sub, go do that at r/cameras.

Instead, take those awesomely engineered machines you now possess and go take a few rolls of film and make magic happen with something that relatively few people can afford or find. You can bet your ass if my great grandpappy bequeathed me an old M4 I wouldn't be sharing a picture of a dusty old basement dwelling machine I have no clue about, I'd be out learning everything about it and coming here with images.

Share your images! This is a Leica Lovers place. We want to see what you shot, what you shot it with, and with what lens. Surely by now I know what an M6 body looks like, so don't share the image of the camera itself, but tell me you shot it with and M6, and that you just bought a SUMMICRON-M 50mm f/2 at a crazy price (I'm happy for you, I truly am!) but show me what you take with it.

It's saddening when all of these people own all of these Leicas because they know the worth and the value associated with this brand, yet these devices sit in a closet or basement never seeing the light of day. If that's what you do, then do the world of photography, and the history of photography a favor and sell it to someone who will produce beauty with beauty.


Feel free to correct me or negate me, it's all good here. It's just a bit frustrating as a Leica lover (but not a true Leica owner as I merely have a P&S Z2X... I'm poor) to see things sitting on kitchen counters with "what are these...how do I use these?" posts when I scour eBay every single day just to get my hands on the cheapest possible body and the cheapest possible lens simply so I can shoot something that is such a romantic gesture I get bedroom eyes when I see the logo. Sell me your gear, I will treat it like a goddess.

End of rant.

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