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Thank you (again), sir. I'll post some black and whites - decidedly UNdigital,if nobody minds, shortly. Soon asI get my lazy azz around to scanning them. I'm new to the darkroom stuff - no expert, and I've toasted my share of prints,and sacrificed my a few rolls of negatives to the learning curve godz, but that's the fun of it. I would say digital = automatic transmission; film/darkroom = manual transmission. I was always a "manual transmission" kinda guy, (...even though my current car is automatic :roll: ) Or, digital= going to a great bakery to buy that Italian cream cake, Hand-processed film = making it yourself from scratch. More goes into getting the result, so it's more fun. Even if (truth be known) the bakery blows away your DIY efforts :G. ALso, as a hobbie, I like that it DOES NOT involve a PC or software.

Plus,while you CAN get very decent results in b&w prints (prints as in paper prints...) IF you have a dedicated black and white printer and specialty ink tanks to replace the color tanks, you're limited to "cold" or "neutral" or "warm" based on what ink-set you have. In black and white, you simply have to change the print paper.

Plus there's a lot more selection of paper. This was always somewhat of a "rich man's hobby" but people are practically giving this stuff away. For example I got a $237 enlarger lens - one of the best, in pristine condition (don't think it was ever used) on eBay for $35 (though I did getlucky on that one...). And, a "very" servicable Omega B22enlarger for $50. Much of the stuff cost more to ship than to purchase, and chemistry is dirt cheap compared to OEM ink prices.

Black and white film is enigmatic. One the one hand, black and white medium and largeformat film, printed on fiber based paper,is STILL (by far) the highest resolution imageout there, and ALL that resolution makes its way on to the print, regardless of size, because it's a chemical/optical process. On the other hand, black and white by its very nature, can NEVER berealisitc, as we perceive the world in color. I think a big part of the allurelies within this "hyper-realistic surrealism" enigma.

Anyway, thanks again for this funny newspaper article! (And enduring my black and white rant) I (literally) did a double-take when I saw this post, and laughed like a lunatic when I read your article!

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