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Was browsing the General Talk Forum on DPR and came across the following software that culls the EXIF info and compiles the statistics for photos taken (courtesy of Isola Verde)...
ExposurePlot (formerly Focalplot)

It calculates the numbers according to what Aperture, shutter, speed, ISO and Zoom factor were used for the photos and graphs the numbers. In my case it determined that I've mostly used f/5.6 (60%); 1/440-1/500 shutter (55%); ISO-80 (87%); and 11X-12X Zoom (72%) of my mostly BIF photos.

Of course, this is for all photos stored in the folders selected and would include copies of the same photos if the EXIF info is still attached to the photo. It just points out the need and good idea to store the original files in a separate folder so one can determine the statistics of just original shots.

In my case, it confirms that my choice of the FZ5 with its 12X zoom is a good camera choice for my 'style' of photo taking. I also imagine that one could keep a folder of their best photos and use this software to get a better idea of the general EXIF info they represent, as well.
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Seems like an interesting program. Thanks for sharing.
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Now this is one cool program.
Ran it through my FZ10 photos with some interesting results. Almost all of my photos are taken at 35mm or 420mm with almost nothing in between. Most of the 420mm photos will be macros as there is also a large number of f8 photos.
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Old Feb 25, 2006, 5:31 AM   #4
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I agree, interesting.

The only problem in statistics is that I save in the same dir one or more copies of the best images (resized and differently edited) so calculations would be faked.

I think the greatest use of exif is knowing details of sigle images.
A pity that infos like Fine WB adjustments don't show up in any exif reader, neither from panasonic CD nor third part ones.

Irfanview's exif reader is perhaps the best of the ones I use.
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You're correct, Narmer. That's why I pointed out that having multiple copies of photos in the same scanned folder will skew the results. Likewise, the results won't correlate to the issue of different photo conditions of lighting etc.

To me, its just a tool that one can get an idea of what major settings the majority of photos taken happened to be at. In my case, it isn't surprising that most were at 11X-12X zoom and 1/400-1/500 shutter speeds as I take mostly zoomed photos of Birds-in-flight.

The program may also be useful if one is looking to move up from a P&S digi with a lot of past photos to determine if wide angle, high shutter speeds, high ISO and/or max zoom is of more importance...

Also, if one gets into the habit of storing originals in one folder, separate from any PP copies along with storing final PP photos - say their best - in a separate folder, one could determine the statistics of those, separately. Its a tool to be used along with the others we have...
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