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You might want to take a look at Helicon Filter.

It's has a NR feature that you use like a brush. It's helpful in removing noise in only specific areas. The demo is full-featured for something like 45 days, then it loses some features but remains free to use. It has some other nice features, but the interface and workflow take a little getting used to.
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There is a technique you can try with Photoshop or any decent image editor. Open the noisy image, then copy the entire image into a new layer. On that layer apply a gausian blur, not a lot but you can play with the amount to get what you like. Then adjust the transparency of the blured layer to get the balance between smoothing the noise and detail. Sometimes repeating this with multiple layers with different amounts of blur can work too.

It's not as good as using a dedicated noise filter, but it can really clean up a lot of images.

I like using the noise filter in Paint Shop Pro X, it's not free but does work well.

romerojpg wrote:
It is a strange thing Noise. I just wish they would hurry up and make cameras with none of it

Still is there a good method in Photoshop anyone knows? I remember reading a good example on this forum, searched for it and cannot find it anymore.
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I don't know how much it costs these days, but Noisware Professional is also a very good program. Its very easy to adjust and use as a plugin to PS.
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I must admit I find almost all of the photos with the built in flash noisy, that's why I switched to the hammer head, it realy is chalk and cheese difference. The other advantage of course is that it provides a positional light source. If you want to try it I'd be quite happy to meet up with you, pm me and I'll give you my number.
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I have been using NoiseNinja plugin for PS for a while now and really like it. It is nice to have it as a filter to beused inmy normal work flow within PS itself. Usually just apply it to a duplicate layer, and work with the opacity to adjust the overall effect. Can also usea layer mask to remove areas where you need the full detail restored.

It has a brush function where you can brush out areas you do not want filtered as well. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but quite often you can let it run at the default settings and get good results.
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