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Default Not an F10 Question for Bob

At the risk of being shot when all talk on the forums is F10 I was just wondering if there was any word at all from the mother company about the FZ1 update for the US. What I really would like to know is about the quality improvement that was mentioned. I am very happy with the FZ1 but of course this " improvement " has me twitching. I have family in Japan and can easily obtain the update but does it work here is the question and is it worth the trouble if all I am interested in is the quality improvement?

Thanks , george
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No problem - I'm happy to answer with what I know.
Temporarily the majority of our activity is focused on the FZ10, though I have asked for clarification on this.

This much I do know. The firmware will update all that can be updated in an FZ1 (via firmware) to that of an FZ2. That info which I originally received indicated specific hardware differences, and since I have not received any correctons I believe this to be accurate. Functionally they will be virtually identical, though I would think some differences would exist. It is that info I am awaiting.

No decision or announcement has been made by Sales as of this date. My schedule has not allowed me to talk with them, but I was told that as soon as any decision is made it will be conveyed to our Call Center.

I'll be sure to share the info that will be sent to our Call Center as soon as it's received. Thanks
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If I may guys…
I’ve found out a few things that I believe may answer some questions I’ve seen posted. I recently had a conversation that filled in many of the “??” I had. Someone stated <on another site> that I was “still in the dark” on this issue… hardly. Understand that this firmware adds features and does not correct a technical problem. Accordingly this places it under the auspices of Marketing, so officially I have nothing to do with it.

For starters, the main accomplishment of this firmware adds aperture and shutter priority by reassigning hardware switched features to the GUI. It adjusts a few parameters to what they are in the FZ2.. and does all of this through firmware. Whatever hardware differences exist obviously cannot be changed. That in itself confirms what I was previously told. From a functional standpoint I saw little difference.

I spent a few days comparing an FZ1 and an updated FZ1. Aside from the aperture and shutter priority, I honestly could not say I saw any huge differences, though I do understand that these two features may be important to some.

As for the talk of features being disabled.. that’s a ridiculous statement. Essentially firmware is similar in purpose to a program your PC uses. Your PC’s u-processor has limitless potential, which is decided by the software you purchase, install, and use. The thought that some features were “disabled” would be similar to convincing MS that Windows XP was resident in your PC and their CD simply wakes it up.

I anticipate many of you will respond asking “when and how much.” Officially and unofficially I can say that I don’t know, but I do know that several possibilities are under consideration. I’ve asked that all such information be promptly delivered to our Call Center who is our official customer interface. When such information is released, I would of course share it with all of you.
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