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Hi everybody,

I've been out of pocket for the last few days and it's good to be back amoung friends. I have also started driving around the country side shooting old rusted stuff for a Leica Challenge I entered. These aren't the onesI entered but I like them just the same. CC is always welcome. That's how I learn. http://dsr1.zoto.com/galleriesHope you enjoy.

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I like you like them. I do like old stuff, probably because I am old.

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Old Jan 3, 2007, 3:28 PM   #3
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Hey thanks for sharing these. As a way of improving my own self criticism I might do a bit of CC on them.

Like the subject. Lighting and exposure good. Very distracting background that does not add to the mood of the main subject at all.

Really like this one. Have a beautiful sky and still some detail from inside the shed. Wonder if we could increase exposue a little bit and get more of the inside of the shed whilst still maintaining some sky? Also, would a crop cutting out the post on the right hand side be better?

Doesn't work for me. It should, I can see what you liked about the scene. I think perhaps we have too much sky in this one. Maybe framed a little lower with more fence and less sky and maybe the house a little more off-centre. The angled fence works well.

You set yourself a tough exposure challenge with this one given the angle you shot. The sun seems to be coming from the right and so much of your subject is in deep shadow. Maybe a shot from the back right corner may have worked better at getting more detail in the shadow areas.

Probably my favourite shot. A minor issue are the sheds at the back and signage on the right, but very minor.

Good job to capture light and shadow. Interesting collection of horizontal, vertical and diagonal elements. You'd think they would clash, but somehow they seem to work well together.

Obviously just one man's opinion. I have assumed that like me you enter these challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve and the advice is shared in that spirit.

Nice job by the way, and I reckon a couple of the ones in you gallery are even better than the ones you shared with us.

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Old Jan 3, 2007, 6:14 PM   #4
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wow dsr...nice shots!! I luv countryside shots like that and for me, as I luv barns and abandonded houses, #3 is my favourite!!!! My next favourites would be the old tractors!!!!
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Old Jan 3, 2007, 8:21 PM   #5
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Some nice shots of interesting subjects. The old cars would be my favorite. The first one would have been great if you could have eliminated the background. All in all I would not have minded being with you and taken some shots myself.
I think Rafael gave you some very useful comments.
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Old Jan 4, 2007, 7:36 AM   #6
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Thanks Annie & Ted. I entered one of #1 in the contest from a different angle without the house in the background but didn't think I should post it as long as the challenge is being judged.

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