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PeHa wrote:
Two great shots with appropriate PP, Squirl! But don't you miss image stabilisation? I know you can usehigh ISObut that'ssomehow used up asI guess that Sigma lens won't let you shoot at 400mm and f2.8 (like the FZ20).

Still,I know... the 30D is an absolutely great equipment but I would really like to have IS within the camera body.
the Sigma 80-400 has OIS. the max aperture is 4.5, but that's fairly typical of long zooms like this. even the Canon 100-400L is only f4-5.6...

yes, it would be nice to have the OIS in the body, but i can live with it in the lens... :G
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Two beautiful photos.

You mastered the FZ20 and will quickly do the same with the 30D.

No matter what camera you use, you will make it perform at its maximum, squirl. Good equipment in the right hands, or even poor equipment in great hands, will perform better than great equipment in poor or mediocre hands. You definitely are not a poor or mediocre photographer. So I anticipate that we will continue seeing great photos from you, regardless of the camera you use to make them.
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