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Default Opinions appreciated on this photo (FZ35)

Took this a few weeks ago at one of our city parks. Question, do you think is a decent photo are is it boring and dull. Any comments appreciated.
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I'm just learning photography, so I'm not a pro. But I like the shot a lot. The black and white is probably the thing to go for and there is nothing wrong with the IQ.

My attention is drawn to the upper right corner of the picture. All the lines seem to come there (lines from the row of tries and benches). To bad that there is nothing special to see, this picture seems empty.

I would love to see the same shot with someone sitting on the last bench. Not necessary doing something, but just for me to lock my eye on.

Just my humble opinion
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I'm not a pro either.
Good composition but looks underexposed.
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I like this a lot!
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I think it a nice photo.
The composition is well done and the B&W suits it too. It does look very slightly under exposed; though I'm a weekend warrior at best.
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Good composition, a good subject for B&W, unfortunately it is underexposed.

Sarah Joyce
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Love it, the symerty that you have picked up on with the benches and trees is excellent. You have a good eye and that is worth its weight in gold. Look forward to seeing more your work - Dyane
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Very good composition i like the line nice one
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I like it as well Great shot in a line but I can envision some girls wearing different coloured petticoats sitting on each one to splash the black and white with colour or maybe coloured balloons on each... imagination is needed sometimes....mine works over time! Maybe have the girls lay with their heads hanging down and legs up over the back with the Petticoats showing like with poodle skirts over the top!

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I love it - well done!

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