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simonbratt99 May 15, 2006 6:15 AM


took the plung after selling my fuji S5000. Read soo much about the newer cameras, and came to the conclusion the fz30 was the one (albeit not perfect)

Ordered black one, the silver (goldish) didnt look as nice.

1. Fz30BB = £368.99 inc vat and del (UK version)

Already ordered off ebay (inc vatand Del)

2. remote shutter £6.50
3. Case £14
4. Extra battery £6.50
5. 2Gb SD Sandisk Ultra II £36
6. And a lens protector

I enjoy macro shots and am hoping to get the macro set, (as last post) if people say its ok.

Any one recommend any other bits?

HarjTT May 15, 2006 6:50 AM

Hi Simon

Welcome to the Pana forum mate. Macro wise I think you the best people to check with are tchaunye and fmoore as theyre the real experts - if you've checked theyre posts and you'll see some stunning images.




simonbratt99 May 16, 2006 10:19 AM

Today is here, camera is here :cool:

she feels good, feels weird to have a camera that really does feel more like an SLR even after my Fuji S5000

the viewing screens are really good, thanks to the 230,000 pixels, very noticeably better (if your eyes are good)

Zooming is beautiful!. ive only had about 30 mins with it so far.

Unless im mistaken, the preview after a shot cant be cancelled, its always stored to the card. I liked the option on the fuji to say "no thanks", to the preview.

Im so gonna loose that lens cap, im used to it being tied on lol

Love the lack of buttons and good menu system.

The program dial is quite stiff, much better as i used to knock the fuji one

Macro so far seems really good.

This is a Great camera.

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