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tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:23 PM

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As usual Panasonic was well represented at this years CES show in Las Vegas. I spoke with one of the company reps and tried to pry information from him on the next FZ model. He indicated that there would be a new SLR coming out in the spring or early summer and it would be shown at this years NAB show in Florida. Regarding the FZ he stated that there "probably" would be a new model this year however he was reluctant to indicate what new features it might have. Although he said we might see 10 megapixels or some other new additions. He didn't want to discuss the possibility of any "new" sensor, stating that they felt they have one of the best lens and camera for the price on the market. Which I agree with ! When we talked about the noise issue, he said that for every person that complains about a noise problem there is 50 people praising the picture quality and not having a problem with the noise at ISO settings of 80 and 100. He agreed that when a picture is printed at 20x30" there could be visible noise if the picture hadn't be cleaned in PS or other NR programs. He said they could reduce the noise more by being more aggressive with the in-camera NR processing but this would result in a much softer, less detailed picture, and that would make more people un-happy! He indicated that some of their competition had gone that route and people were definitly not happy with the results. I did a hands on comparision of the Sony R1, and wasn't impressed ! The weight of the camera and length of the lens when extended were much more than I would be happy with! After playing with the Sony I was VERY glad I had gone with the FZ30 ! Jim

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:24 PM

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#2 This was a booth set up to demonstrate the Panasonic IS system.

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:28 PM

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#3 This was the main product Panasonic was really pushing this year. A 103" plasma Media center. The HD picture on this unit was outstanding ! The bad news is goes for over 100 thousand !

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:30 PM

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#4 This is the Sony R1 that I tried out, no that's not me holding it. Look at the length of the lens !

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:32 PM

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#5 Lots of wild cars at the show !

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:33 PM

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#6 Another auto !

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 6:34 PM

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#7 This years "Robot" performing at one of the booths. This was at 12x zoom, handheld with available light.

Intensecure Jan 9, 2006 6:46 PM

Terrific report!
I didn't know about this purported SLR, will it have Leica lenses or a new special Lumix line? Could be fantastic!
Thanks for braving the madness of CES for others to enjoy those great pictures.

tiger98 Jan 9, 2006 7:32 PM

Thanks Intensecure, There was no info on the lens types, in fact not much info at all other than it would be announced at NAB this year. Jim

kreciu Jan 9, 2006 7:39 PM

Hi, thaks for raport! Nice shots especially #6! I see that Fz30 is really "bad" in indoor shots:lol:this noise ;). For me perfect pictures! Again thanks.

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