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They are the lowest price I have found. http://www.techondigital.com/SearchR...p;SearchGo.y=6

Is there a risk involved? Do you think the camera has a U.S. warranty?

Does anyone have experience with them or the lowest price cameramailorder dealers ingeneral? I would appreciate your comments?

Here is a photo I took with my Canon Rebel S Film camera before it had shutter problems.
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You have reason for concern.....that place is a bait and switch outfit

Learn to use ResellerRatings to check merchants out, they are not 100% correct but much closer than any other rating service I hav seen.

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Always question a low price on any model. You need to ascertain that there is a manufacturer's warranty (US if you are in the US), that it is new andunopened and not a return (an "open box"), and that the camera is not a refurbished reissue from the manufacturer. Refurbs can be as good as new, but why take the chance? Besides their warranties are often shorter than those on new ones (a large number of refurbs on the market of any onemodel is an indication of problems, and that model should be avoided).
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I used a similar search feature when i bought the FZ50 2 weeks ago . I settled with fotoconnection.com and there offer . The package was like 545$ , everything was new and everything worked fine . I used BBB for a background check , they scored poorly with BBB but they also sell to thousands annually . My experience was flawless but do watch yourself . I like dealing with companies that actually have a store front instead of a mail order office setup . I called and talked to personell myself.

1 place showed if for 245$ which thought impossible so i called .Sure enough it was the import version from China with no papers no accesaries /90day warranty etc...
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Old Mar 7, 2011, 2:09 PM   #5
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It's common for China to push product out the back door or even create an entire new production plant with the designs of a reputable manufacturer. This can be a good thing, for you, not business. And a bad thing for you and business.

Products that look identical to others are often from the same plant and / or designers. When this occurs you can often buy cheaper when you buy off branded products. But you can get problems when your off brand is not scrutinized, like the branded, when solder joints are bad and fit is bad. So what to do? Be aware and use the off branded products as a way to check the quality of the branded products. It's all about education and given two choices check them both for elements which make one better than the other. No one makes choices for you except every manufacturer! So rather than accept what's put in front of you ..learn about the products you buy from every angle you have access to. Knockoffs are just another element of an education waiting to be had.
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Amazon has the brand new, full warranty FZ.35 for $220.00. The are very reputable and offer a 30 day no hassle, no cost return policy.

Sarah Joyce
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Take Sarah's advice as well as mine stay FAR away from that scammer and go with Amazon as you will get treated with respect and probably the best service you will find
Gripped Canon 7D and some glass
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