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SIMBAPIMBA Sep 13, 2007 4:16 PM


In many review postings by professional photographers I see that shooting jpegs above ISO 100 isdicourageddue to hi picture noise in the Panasonic DMC-FZ50 camera.

My question is this: The Leica V-Lux 1 camera is comparible and similarto the Panasonic FZ50 but costs a great deal more.

Did Leica upgrade ortweekthe firmware or software in the V-Lux 1 camera toeliminate or reducethe camera noise that is apparent when shooting at ISOs over 100 in the Panasonic?

I own a Panasonic FZ50 and shoot at ISO 100 with no problems but would buy a V lux-1 camera if I knew I could shoot at the higher ISOs without the picture noise becoming really apparent.

Is anyone familiar with this?


genece Sep 14, 2007 12:45 PM

It is exactly the same except it has a red dot........If you want an ultrazoom the FZ50 is at the top of the list.......if you obsess about noise you need to look at a different type of camera.

SIMBAPIMBA Sep 14, 2007 2:43 PM


I wont obsess about higher ISOs.Just wondering. I use ISO 100 as my default and love the FZ50. I wont pay more for a red dot doing the same thing. Thanks for the info.


d-sr Sep 17, 2007 11:13 AM

Hi Tom, Glad you are enjoying your FZ50. I have the V-LUX 1 and love it. There was a lot of hype when it came out about Leica's NR being a little easier on the smearing of details than the FZ50 at the low setting. At the time I thought I could see some difference so I went for the Leica. To tell the truth, I still don't know if there is really a difference. There has never been a real comparison to tell us one way or the other. I like to think there is so I woun't feel so stupid for spending the extra money but I'm honestly, not sure.

The FZ50 does a great job and is as good as it gets in it's class as far as I'm concerned. If there is any difference, it is very slight and I don't, to this day know if I would go for the Leica again.

That being said, it is nice to have people see my Leica and react to it in a very positive way. I guess we all like for people to think our gear if top notch but is it worth the extra bucks? I just can't truthfully answer that one way or the other. My Zoto site has been screwed up for the last two weeks so I can't post any pictures for you to see but I will when they get it fixed.

Since you already have the FZ50, I'd just set back and enjoy it if it were me.


SIMBAPIMBA Oct 3, 2007 3:21 PM


I contacted the Leica technical department directly.The E mail from them quoted: The Leica (V-Lux) has "Finely tuned image processing in theFIRMWARE that reflects our preferences in color rendition and quality".

"Customer feedback has indicated a marked improvement in the Leica camera"

I guess this says it all.


HarjTT Oct 3, 2007 7:25 PM

Hi Tom

Can't add any more than whats already be said by genece and Don. The only difference between the V-LUX1 and the FZ50 I'd say would be a few firmware and colour tweaks. I think you should be able to shoot upto to ISO200 and as long as your exposure is correct the IQ should be just fine.



:O :?

genece Oct 3, 2007 10:34 PM

The color tweak thing seems to be valid......but I see no difference in noise,( or more properly NR) with the examples I have seen.

But what would you expect leica to say? "we charge more for the dot"?

Hank355 Oct 3, 2007 10:53 PM

Rumor's out that the red dot is very nice. Ok didn't want to make us FZ50 owners feel bad, but it is actually, very very nice.....

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