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The biggest speculation is about what lenses the new Panny will be sporting. It doesn't seem at all likely they'll simply mount the existing Oly/Sigma lineup, so their connection with Leica is more than obvious here.. Some pretty strong leaks/rumors point to Leica's announcing a new line of 4/3 lenses in conjunction with Panny's new dSLR--everyone's hoping it includes a new smaller line of Leica primes, and maybe that's why Olympus has left that niche open in their own lens lineup. Just as Konica-Minolta has been folded into Sony, the dSLR world may be additionally shaken up later this month. Interesting developmentsS!

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if Pany comes out with a 4/3 DSLR, combined with Leica glass, especially at a reasonable "entry DSLR" price, they may give folks like Canon and Nikon some serious headaches! i'll have to wait and see how the image quality of the 4/3 system works out, but if it's as good as it potentially could be, and if Pany doesn't try to cram a bazillion MP onto the sensor, this thing could turn into the one that beats the EOS 10D for image quality... and that's no small feat! hmmm.... 6-8 MP on a 4/3 sensor, almost zero noise, ISO3200... and a Leica lens? i think i could go for that...
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me toooo...oooo but i sure do like is
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no reason they couldn't make IS lenses for it...
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Why not OIS using the CCD instead? This would save a lot of money over purchasing expensive IS lenses.
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8MP would be great. Wonderful. Magnificant. 6... a little short of glory. The good cameras these days can handle 8 no problem (especially the cheaper DSLRs), so why not make the camera a little better, and make it 8? Don't sell yourself short :|
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I posted this in an earlier thread but here it is again...From the leica forum - the rumour from a very reliable source is that there will be a Leica Digilux 3 /Pana LC1+ 4/3 cam being available for purchase in May 2006. There will be the Pana and Leica versions of basically the same cam (and the assumption is that this is the Pana DSLR) and the cam will have 3 Lecia designed lenses - a 28mm, 50mm and a 90mm. No one is sure whether they will be just prime lenses or a couple of primes and a zoom. The cam will have IS (possibly in the lens), uses SD cards (RAW DNG as std) and more than likely will use an EVF (possiibly 1MP), although the Leica officanados all want a high quality bright OVF. Size wise, according to the source it'll be in-between the LC1/D2 and the Leica CL. If it is a true follow on from the LC1/D2 then we'll see manual zoom, aperture and focus rings and a shutter speed dial. Hopefully, they'll incorporate that little bounce flash that they had in the old cam. Sensor wise the likely hood is that its either an 8 or 10MP CMOS 4/3 developed by Pana, possibly the same as whats in the E330 so thats ISO100-3200 (Iso100-400 noise free; ISO800 -1600 very usable; and a noisy ISO3200). Regards colour it will be available in black only - inc. the Leica version.

Here's the thread:


Some quotes from the source:
"Okay it is 4/3. That is all I got and look around at others .PMA it will be announced. "
"3 lenses i heard twice now , so that is a given "

Also WSLAm,who did one of the very first LC1 reviews was also informed by 2 other independent sources that there will be Leica designed/branded Pana/Leica glass for the 4/3 mount.

Here's the thread on dpreview:


If this does turn out to be true I will be seriously considering getting one.



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