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HI all,

My first post here. I am looking to buy my first new camera for many years, after much browsing the web review and information sites I decided on the FZ18. During my browsing I noticed that the Image processor engine in the FZ18 is version III. The engine in the new TZ5 is version IV, a newer version with several improvements over version III.

Is it possible for Panasoninc to upgrade the engine of the FZ18?

I like to look of the FZ18, so what should I do?

Buy the FZ18 only to find that an avanced version is released in a couple of months?

Wait to see what happens? or look for someting else?

What would you do?

I look forward to your comments.

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Welcome to the forum, Zylog. It is certain that Panasonic will release a FZ18 replacement model in a near future...when??? who knows! But, whenever that happens, I'm sure the new model will incorporate the new Venus IV engine. Every camera manufacturer operates equally with this regard. It is also certain that cameras become obsolete very quickly due to the fact that manufacturers release new models in an yearly basis. Considering that it's been close to a year since Panasonic announce the FZ18, it is very possible that a new model is on its way. So, should you wait for it? It depends. If money is not an issue, I'd say yes. Wait another month or two to see what happens. The reason is because you can buy the FZ18 for $299 and I don't believe the new model will start selling for less than $400. On the other hand, ifmoney is not an issue but youcan't wait, then I'd say the FZ18 is the way to go. It's is certainly the best super zoom out there IMO.
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I too have not purchased a new camera in years. I was actually looking at Nikon and never ever considered a Panasonic until I came here and read the reviews.

I went ahead and purchased the FZ18 and LOVE IT! I am not a pro and barely an ameteur, but this camera takes wonderful pics.

I say go for it or call Panasonic and ask about when the plan to release. But all electronics release new improved products, it is hard to keep up.

Many people here have put their pics up (including me) check them out and maybe that will help with your decision.

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