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I've been researching them both. They are reviewed as excellent , but the FZ28 comes out on top most of the time.
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Maybe it was my average-low expectations (have had a FZ20 for years) comparing to my images from the dSLR, but FZ28 has managed to astonish me.

I thought the LOW ISO fine details deletion (owing to NR) would have been worse.
It is noticeable of course, but pictures are still good to very good (THANKS PANA for "-2" camera settings).
I d like to see a 100% crops comparison of FZ28 and FZ50 pics !!!!

Anyway colors are good too.
Chose 0 Satur for panoramic / landscapes pics, -1/-2 for portraits.
Don't much trust AUTO WB (neither on my EOS 40D dSLR):
Kelvin WB is great, it ca nbe checked directly (better from a shady environ).

DYnamic Range and Exposure: both GREAT imo (though there d be more HL clipping problems). I often end up with better exposure on FZ28 than on muy DSLR, because the latter's LCD is harder to evaluate in average or worse (Brightier) light conditions and I seldom use Live view to expose landscapes shots...

I can really tell that, IMAGEWISE and CONTROLSWISE, the FZ28 beats my old FZ20.
The only doubt is if , considering its higher NR, the 10MP FZ28 can really bring out more detailed imagesx than the (5MP !!!) ones from FZ20 !
Will be able to tell more after some more months of usage...


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