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I'm wondering if there is any news from electronic shows, etc. announcing what the latest update to the FZ20 will be? I would love to see a few minor tweaks and a larger CCD for the FZ20 camera. What is the usual cycle for new cameras for Panasonic?

I've read all the rave reviews on the FZ20. I originally had my heart set on the Coolpix 8800 put the lens is too slow and so it the time needed for writing to CF making the TIFF andRAW formats unusable. The camera also seems to have problems with low light AF. I like that the FZ20 utilizes a fast zoom lens witha sharp focus. While I'm only comparing pics on the Net I didn't see much of a diffference in pic quality between the 8.3mp Nikon and the 5mp FZ20. The Nikon for the most part was a tad sharper but the pics had too much contrast (easily fixed). The FZ20 had a tad more noise at the lowest ISO levels, too. For most pics I doubt that anyone could tell a difference. Also, there are too many variable for this type of comparison. From what I read the newer 8 mp CCD's introduce a lot of noise and are smaller then say the older 4 mp CCd's and not necessarily better. The deal breaker on the 8800, fo rme, was the slow lens.

Should I wait for the new Pansonics to come out? Currently I have a Canon 4mp S400 which I love and want to expand with a zoom lens.
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