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Hi to all...

[align=left]Recently have swithched from Olympus to Panasonic cameras, there aresome issues that are not well explained on the owners manual, was wondering if someone has some answer for them :[/align]


[align=left]My usual type ofshooting is using the the one area focusing, Olympus has them, that is, aim the focus mark on the part or subject you want to be sharp, half press the shutter button until the green led is lit (focus lock), recompose the scene and press the shutter fully. My first issue is:[/align]

[align=left]1-When using the 3 or 9 focusing area, once you have composed your picture pressed half way the shuuter, waited to see the focusing areas that the camera has picked best, led is green, is it possible to recompose your scene before fully pressing the shutter as you would do with one focus area ? Manually you can do it, the question is, will the photo look great, are you kind of shifting the focus locks ? Or, oncethe first composition isfreezed you cannot recompose a second time. Any comments...[/align]

[align=left]2-When adjusting the white balance manually, aim the camera at a white sheet of paper, it doesn't specify if the paper must be in a vertical or horizontal posicion with respect of the camera or if the surrounding light you wish to adjust must be illuminating the white piece of paper. In Olympus you adjust the light source surroundingsreflectedinto the white paper, does Panasonic measures the whiteness of the paper or the refected light source against the paper ? Does anyone knows ?[/align]

[align=left]3-When youperform the WHITE SET balance adjustment...[/align]

[align=left]Question: once set, this newdata will work in the SET adjustment setting, which is one beforethe last? A yes or no answer will be fine. Can you also use grey cards to adjust the white balance manually ?[/align]

[align=left]4-Can someone give a good example on whento useSPOT METERING combined with SPOT FOCUSING ?[/align]

[align=left]Will appreciate any technical feed backs on these 4 points.[/align]


[align=left]Regards from Peru :-)[/align]




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Hola Luis,

1- Once you have half-pressed the shutter, the camera selects what it thinks is the best focusing area. You can recompose your scene before full pressing it, however the focus will remain. Just be sure that the selected focusing area matches with your desired focusing area.

If you want to change the focusing area, just release the shutter, recompose and hlaf press it again. I personally hate the 3 or 9 focusing area. I fell the camera tells me what to focus; I prefer to tell the camera what must be in focus.

2 - You can use the white paper in any position, but I always use it horizontal to catch all the ligth from the celeing spots. The camera mesaures the color reflected by the paper and set it as total White. al the other colors are automatically adjusted with this reference.

3 - Yes. About grey cards.....mmhhhh.... My personal opinion is that grey cards are for measuring the exposition, not the color, however forget it, wecan start an endless dicussion here.

I always use a white paper (Cheaper than a grey card :idea and get great results.

4 -This mode is very useful in close ups, when you need to get the focus and perfect exposure in a selected area. I use it, for example, in high contrast portraits.

Espero que te sea util la informacion.

Saludos desde Mexico, y felicidades por el cambio a Panasonic, no te arrepentiras!

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