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ricop Mar 20, 2006 2:41 AM

I am doubting about buying a (rather) compact camera, the 2 camera's I have in mind
are the Panasonic FZ7 and Canon Powershot s80. I like the zoom range of the FZ7,
but the S80 gets a (highly recommended on dpreview) good rating for its image quality.

When I compare the M&M figures in Steve's review's of both camera's on ISO 200 I think the
quality of the Panasonic is better. It has less normal noise, some little more color noise
but the overall image and color is better I think.

Anybody got experience in both camera's image quality (at 6 megapixel), and which one should I buy?
The prices are almost the same (s80 is a little bit expensiver here in europe).


bmccoy Mar 20, 2006 6:17 AM


I had looked long and hard at the powershot cameras, bot the A and S series before getting on the Panasonic bandwagon. For me the FZ is just a better value. The only Canon comparison that I would make is to the S2 or soon to come out S3IS. It would be a much closer feature match to the FZ7.

One thing that I like much better on the FZ line is the operation and menu system. For me the Canon line takes more time to figure out. If you can, go to a store that has both and spend some time with them. I think you will really like the FZ7. Ultimately you need to go with the one that feels best to you.


genece Mar 20, 2006 6:59 AM

While I love the FZ cameras....if I had no need for the zoom I think there would be better choices.

The big zoom does cause comprimises to be made that other style cameras do not need to make.

But I can not imagine life without a superzoom and the FZ's are the best .

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