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See Steve's hands on review here:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50

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Took a while but nice to see. I guess there is no FZ60 coming until next year. LOL

Is there something wrong with the image and description of the hot shoe and its' function?

The image should show the 3 small contact points for a dedicated TTL flash, right?

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Good eye. lol

I think some of the images may have come from the supplied marketing material. So, Panasonic probably used prototypes for those. You can see the extra contacts in some of the other images in the review.

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Old Nov 13, 2007, 3:31 PM   #4
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The FZ50 is a great camera, although Panasonic's image filtering algorithms produce somewhat noisy JPGs. Moreover, its Venus III engine bogs down when chugging through high ISO images.

Using RAW files, the FZ50's sensor appears to be capable of much cleaner pictures than the Venus III JPGs suggest.

Niggling aside, the FZ50 is almost a work of art. Even though it has been on the market for over a year, it is still the best superzoom currently available.

Panasonic should sign an agreement with Canon to acquire Canon's industry leading image processing algorithms. Canon's Digic III processors appear to be highly capable as well.
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Old Dec 26, 2007, 4:46 PM   #5
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Im a beginner with Lumix DMC FZ50

3.2 s

any feedback to make it better?
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Old Feb 23, 2008, 2:26 PM   #6
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I think Steve missed it on the FZ50 review, he said that the noise levels were improved over the FZ30, but what he failed to say is that the Venus III engine smeared the pics to the point of losing resolution. Any higher ISO noise levels on the FZ30 can be easily removed without losing much resolution by photo software, where the FZ50 strong arms NR to the point of not being able to do anything with the pics. Yes you can shoot raw which is the only way to shoot with the FZ50 at higher ISO settings. Stevie also failed to mention that bracketing pics have been reduced in the FZ50, the LCD screen is lower resolution. All in all this was a step backwards in the FZ line. Since it's release and after much discussion on forums, just about every FZ30 left on earth was sold because it was still the best Superzoom on the market. I think Panasonic will do much better in the next version of the FZ superzoom. They just did not get it right with the FZ50. At ISO 100 to 200 it is a fine camera, but the slower bracketing, lower rez LCD are actually downgrades. The FZ50 has one redeming new feature, the programmable fuction button. The TTL flash is not that big a deal to me, in fact I think it does not work all that well, most pics I have seen with TTL flashes are either over exposed or badly underexposed, TTL needs some work. Give me a good auto flash that I can set manually and I will always have perfectly exposed flash pics.
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bear740 wrote:
...The FZ50 has one redeming new feature, the programmable fuction button.
I don't yet have my newly-purchased FZ50 in hand. Would you care to expound on how this feature works? Thanks!
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