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I've got one of these with the Leica DC Vario lens. I've had it since around Dec. '04 or '05...can't recall which year. It's OK...pictures are ok...but it has been a bit of a disappointment .

I think it's because I've used 35mm SLR's (Pentax) for many years and I've got to stop comparing it to an SLR when it's a Point and Shhot.

Some of the issue I have with it are:
  • Shutter lag...miss a lot of sports and animal (birds) shots with it. I think this is not anything to do with my DMC...more of a P & S thing. Any thing I can do to lessen this lag..or am I stuck with it?[/*]
  • The lens says Leica but...I have an old Leica ('53) with a 50mm Leica lens and the pix don't seem to be similar in quality. It maybe unfair of me to judge as the DMC has 5.0 MPs ...but I don't know.[/*]
  • Flash...doesn't throw very far. Used to my 25 year old Vivitar 285 HV on my Pentax SLR and that really lights things up.[/*]
Don't get me wrong the DMC is OK and if I seem to be denigrating my little Lumix I don't mean to, but as this is my first digital and it is a P & S (pricey one at that) am I expecting too much out of it?

Will any non DSLR digital be the same...do I need to go to a Digital SLR with interchangeable lens to match the performance of my old (27 years) Pentax SLR?
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Yes, yes, yes, Lesmore, you are expecting too much!

A 2004 camera can not possibly keep up with the camera offerings of 2007! May I make a humble suggestion. Get the new Pany FZ-18 and you will be a "happy camper." Have a great day!

Sarah Joyce
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Thank you for your suggestion.
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The LC33 was one of my first digital cameras and I loved it. Then one day I decided to upgrade. I sold the LC33and got the LC80 insteadsince it had 2 extra MP. BIG MISTAKE! Big, huge! The LC33 was a much better camera all together. So, I sold my LC80 and bought the Canon A610, which eventually I sold and bought the Pana LZ2, etc, etc, etc.. Sarah's suggestion is a good one but you must keep in mind that the FZ18 is a much bigger camera than the LC80. You can not compare the two.Some of your complaints such as weak flash and shutter lag have been somewhat addressed andresolved on newer models (not just byPanasonic, but Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc.). However, you can not compare the overall performance of a P&S with an SLR. They are two worlds apart. Cameras such as the FZ18 or the Canon S5 certainly have a lot of appeal for their versatility (and performance) at a much lower cost than SLRs. So, unless you want to stay with small pocket-size cameras, I'd check out the super zooms before investing on any SLR. On the other hand, if you wish to stay compact, I'd suggest you check out theCanon A6nn models, the Pana TZn and the new Nikon Pnnnn.
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