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[align=left]I have the Lumix DMC-LX1. Camera was dropped and theinner lens barrelwas"wobbly". I took the camera apart following the service manual, and founda small plastic pin on outer lens barrel broken. However, the camera still works and takes pictures OK.[/align]
I'm going to order this part (VXP2558 ). It's $31 from Panasonic web site. There is a reference to using "Grease (for lens)" part VFK1829. The price for this grease is coming up at $49. Does anyone know what this "grease" is and if there is something I can get locally that isn't so expensive? I've looked elsewhere for parts, and there is only one other place I can find (partstore.com) and there prices are the same as Panasonic.com
By the way, if anyone has a DMC-LX1 (black or silver) that has somehow been "abused" worse than this one and it doesn't work and is too expensive to repair, maybe you'd be interested in selling it for parts. I'd rather give someone here the money and take the part I need out rather than paying Panasonic.

From time to time, it stops working and I get the message " turn camera off and on again".
The following instructions from the DMC-LX1 service manual show how to display error codes. However, when following these instructions, I don't get the error code screen as described. I know there is something broken in there, but still curious as to how to see these error codes.

Where is says to hold the "Cross Key" up, I assume this means the joystick.
Has anyone ever tried and and been able to get it to work?

[align=left]Here are the error code instructions:[/align]

[align=left]6 Service Mode[/align]

[align=left]6.1. Error Code Memory Function[/align]

General description
This unit is equipped with history of error code memory function, and can be memorized 32 error codes in sequence from the latest. When the error is occurred more than 32, oldest error is overwritten in sequence. The error code is not memorized when the power supply is shut down forcibly (when the unit is powered on by the battery, the battery is pulled out) because the error code is memorized to FLASH ROM when the unit is powered off.[/align]

How to display
The error code can be displayed by the following procedure:
Before perform the error code memory function, connect the AC adapter or or insert the battery, and insert the SD card.

1. The temporary cancellation of factory setting:
Set the mode dial to "[ P]". While pressing [ Optical Image Stabilizer Button] and "[ UP] of Cross key" simultaneously and hold them, turn the Power on.[/align]

2. The display of error code:
Press [ Optical Image Stabilizer Button], [ MENU] and "[ LEFT] of Cross key" simultaneously with the step 1 condition. The display is changed as shown below when the above buttons is pressed simultaneously.
Normal display
Error code display Operation history display Normal display .....

[align=left]3. The change of display:
The error code can be memorized 32 error codes in sequence, however it is displayed 5 errors on the LCD.
Display can be changed by the following procedure:
"[ UP] or [ DOWN] of Cross key" : It can be scroll up or down one.
"[ LEFT] or [ RIGHT] of Cross key" : It can be display last 5 error or another 5 error.

[align=left]4. How to read the error code:
One error code is displayed for 8 bit, the contents of error codes is indicated the table as shown below.[/align]
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