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I think with all the hoo haaa over the FZ30, we seemed to have missed the new LX1 point and shooter from Pana. Its priced at approx $700 USD (ouch! thats the same as the 30) but it is a really interesting little cam. I would have prefered if they had fitted a smaller LCD and an optical viewfinder.

• RAW support
• 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) (available in 16:9 mode only)
• True 16:9 aspect ratio imaging chip (no crop) (4:3 and 3:2 with crop)
• Manual Focus Mode
• Manual Exposure Mode
• 60 to 1/2000 second shutter speeds (yes that's 60 seconds)
• 8.4MP (3,840 x 2,160 pixels in 16:9 aspect)
• Ultra compact size


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Gospel didn't. Your post bumped that one to the 2nd page with 0 replies and 86 views.
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Thanks, Tazzie. Nope, I haven't forgot it. Actually, in the News Talk forum at DPR, the LX1 is getting some good attention. It's funny with the pre-release of the FZ30 manual, I thoguht way cool and very nice but I have an FZ20 that I still have to a lot to learn aobut. So, I mentally easely passed on the FZ30. Then the LX1 was officially announced. My brain clicked in gear and thought WOW want a great replacemnt for rmy aging Casio EX-Z3! Plus I will get some of hte fun that the FZ30 users will have with the 16:9 and 3:2 ratios, high speed focusing and such.

BTW a couple of points.

1) At Amazon, the LX1 is $599.

2) I don't think the LX1 has a true manual focus mode. It is looks more like collection of pre-set settings. Take a look at the LX1 joystick simulator at the Panasonic, Japan web site:


On the right side, click on the graphic labed "Joystick Simulator". When setting the focus manually, it gives you a vertical distance bar. You push up or down on the joystick to find the preset manual focus/DOF setting that best fists your situaion. It looks very interesting.

Enjoy ife!
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