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Default Full FZ2 manual pdf

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I would like to echo Carolyn's comment about different manuals for different languages. It is great not to have to fish through a very lengthy manual that contains text that I cannot read.

I found the FZ1 manual concise yet very readable. Good job.
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I am fooling around with a program called BookPrintMe to see if I can print a 1/2 size FZ2 manual that will fit easily in even my smaller camera case.


After installing BookPrintMe, you leave a modern version of Acrobat Reader open while viewing/printing the manual, and print it to the "BookPrint" printer driver. Then using the BookPrintMe program (with Acrobat Reader still open), you can reformat the output into a booklet format such as their 8-up which is actually 4 pages per side per sheet of paper.

The printing is slow and I am just experimenting printing pages 1-12 of the manual in the booklet format until I figure out exactly the right Bookprint page order setting for our printer. So far I have succeeded in reinserting the paper wrong and printing again on the fronts of the pages.

Also, the unregistered program inserts a couple of advertisement pages into the document. But it looks like it will do what I want once I figure out the correct page order setting and correct paper orientation for printing the backs of the pages.

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Re: Making a Mini Manual for my camera case with BookPrintMe...

Well I tried printing the whole FZ2 manual to the BookPrint "printer" and reformatting as a 1/4-sheet sized booklet but between not-yet-registered BookPrintMe inserting an ad page every 5 pages and the thickness of laser printer paper, the result was too thick to ever think of folding and stapling.

So I decided to make a booklet of just the pages of manual information I would need to look up - for example I wanted to know how to record audio with a still picture but did not want all of the legal/warning/specs pages, indexes, or simple shooting and viewing modes. I was able to pick 40 pages that covered what I wanted.

(Note - you must keep Acrobat Reader open showing the manual throughout the entire procedure until all final physical printing is completed because BookPrintMe makes use ofsome temporary files Acrobat Reader creates)

With Adobe Acrobat Reader viewing the FZ2 manual, I did multiple Print commandsto "print" all of the single pages and page ranges I wanted to the "Bookprint" printer device. Then in BookPrintMe I selected ALL of the waiting-to-be-printed files at once, clicked Finish, and formatted the whole thing as a booklet with 4 pages on each side ofeach sheet of paper. Then using BookPrintMe. I printed to the physical printer and it prompted me in the middle to put my one-side-printed pages back into the printer to get the other side printed. (Ihadpracticedearlier with a smaller job so I knew the correct order and orientation for printing the second side).

I cut each printed sheet in half the long way, stacked them in page order, folded it in the middle, and used a long-neck stapler to staplethe booklet. When I got home I cut off the bottom of a vertical 6x9 brown envelope to make a 6x4.25 slipcase for my little manual and slipped in right in my smaller camera case.

The results were quite usable despite the inserted advertising pages. (NOTE - I would have paid the shareware fee to get rid of the ad pages but I would ratherbuy the XP versionwhich I could use athome, not the Win98 version I had to use at work. But our toner is low at home.)

I think BookPrintMe is a nice program and would recommend it for making booklets from the printer output of other software.

BookPrintMe website: http://www.waltereckel.de/english/


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