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Cairol99 Jul 27, 2011 6:53 AM

Panasonic TZ10/ZS 7 warranty issues
Hi everyone,

I would like to tell from my own experience with this traveller camera the Lumix TZ10 (here in Europe) or ZS7 (US):

Based on tests online about this camera I bought mine about a year ago and enjoyed taking photos with it until one sunny day earlier this month when it suddenly died. This happened all of a sudden on a cloudless and sunny day (temperature ca. 25C) right on a famous historic site in the middle of Germany. After changing batteries the camera would not switch on again. Tried this again with another fully charged battery, no joy either. Later and back in the hotel room I verified all of my batteries were charged, still no joy, the camera was still dead.

I have to stress again the weather conditions were perfect on this day, bright afternoon sunlight, no clouds, no rain, no mist or anything like that. Why do I mention this again? See further down. The camera was hanging from my neck on its lace and therefore was never dropped or anything in that way. Nor was there any form of sand as on a beach or in a desert or any form of water like the sea, a lake, a puddle of water or anything within reach. Or might it has been the sweat on my fingertip which has caused the camera to commit seppuku, sorry suicide? I took about 150 exposures on that day, can the camera not cope with this number of releases on half a day?

Anyway, sent it back to a Panasonic approved repair center here in Germany to have it checked and received from them a quote of ca. 220€ / $319 for getting the camera fixed again. Diagnosis: main board defect caused by humidity and not covered by warranty! The camera was sold here in Germany with a 2 year warranty, I do not know about other countries though.

Searching the internet for similar cases I had to learn this seems to be quite a problem with this camera as there were more people experiencing similar issues. In any of these cases Panasonic states the customer misused the camera "in bad surrounding conditions". So I wonder if it would be advisible to use this traveller camera only with the additional Panasonic Marine Case mounted (ca. 229€ / $330 retail price) when taking photos under the conditions described above on land ...

I had one of my Canon Digital Ixus/PowerShot cameras with me as a backup and took photos with it parallel in order to compare the results. This tiny little thing managed to survive the "rough surrounding conditions" of a typical mid-european sunny summer weekend trip flawlessly.

I wrote to the local Panasonic Care Center informing them about the issue as well and I am now waiting for their replay (if ever there will be one),

Would love to hear comments from other readers.


Frank (Cairol99)

louiskam Jul 27, 2011 7:51 PM

I've been using my TZ1 while skiing at the top of Whistler mountain, walking around the Yosemite Park's waterfalls bottom & riding the camel & jeep at the Wadi safari, among other "regular" travel spots with no issue at all. If its newer "travel" models aren't as well-build as the original TZ1, then I won't get any to upgrade to.
Hope Panasonic will treat you fairly.

JeannieBug Jul 27, 2011 8:08 PM

That's a bummer! I hope they change their mind and decide in your favor. But, any company that would reject my claim because of "humidity" would NEVER get my business again. Not just in cameras, but in any electronics.

Cairol99 Jul 27, 2011 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by JeannieBug (Post 1244563)
"any company that would reject my claim because of "humidity" would NEVER get my business again. Not just in cameras, but in any electronics."

That is exactly my point!

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