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JayC_783 Dec 22, 2011 8:29 PM

Pathfinder makes another visit - Videos
When the ship pulled into the harbor the other day I also took some videos. I uploaded a couple of them tonight from someone else's computer (stupid draconian bandwidth limits my ISP imposed this year :mad:). I apologize for not holding the camera steadier, but I couldn't feel my hands. :o My FZ35 sure is a trooper! It handles the cold better than I do! :D

The first video shows the ship in the harbor and when she starts her turn. If you look toward the front about halfway through, or so, you can see prop wash from the bow thrusters. Also, keep an eye out for the guy at the front. He looks so tiny.

This is when the Pathfinder swings her self-unloading boom over the side to prepare to unload the coal.

jjdog2 Dec 23, 2011 2:05 PM

Nice videos Jayc. Surprised how well the night video turned out. Never have tried out the video on my FZ35. :o


JayC_783 Dec 23, 2011 4:20 PM

Thanks. I'm pleased with how the FZ35 takes AVCHD Lite video. Video was an important factor for me in choosing the FZ35, because I don't have a dedicated video camera. I have mine set on L to give me the most record time. I just use Program AE for videos. On my 4GB card it will take 1 hr of video. I got less runtime than that with WVGA MJPEG files.

Yeah, it got dark quick between those two videos. There wasn't much time difference between the two.

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