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May I thank you; I bought the fz30 last year and have never been 100% happy; if the truth be known my old HP945 took pictures of the same quality and was more reliable (focus, sharpness...). I have been pondering on the ist, esp at the current low price and now my mind is made up. Please do post some more, very rich colours indeed.


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I will probably be buying a DSLR within the next year. I've always rather liked the photos I've seen from the *ist series of cameras. I'm seriously considering either an *ist or Pentax's new K100 (or something like that). My only beef with the new Pentax is that I wish they'd made it 7 or 8 MP. Still, 6MP with the right glass (and Pentax glass is usually very good) could be pretty powerful.
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Either you have a bad FZ30 or I had a bad 945...no comparison..

Spend a little time getting familiar with the FZ30.

And since you mention focus use the 1 area fast focus....My first day with the FZ30 I took 400 photos in a row without missing focus 1 time....
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Old Jul 12, 2006, 2:27 AM   #4
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Well said genese. Following this forum and the fabulous pictures posted from the FZ series, I wouldn't dream of changing from my FZ20 unless I went for the 30 (or40?).

The limitations have been quoted many a time but they seem to be in the area of noise in low light situations, DOF and moving objects (birds in flight etc) but don't tell Squirl, Tchuanye and all the regular contributors that the focus and sharpness isn't up to scratch.

Best of luck anyhow Dave with your new camera purchase and I hope that it meets your requirements...Fred
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Bootneck, I definitely concur with Genese and yourself. When I view Narmer, Seemolf, Tchuanye and others work with the FZs, I think something is wrong with my FZ30, but atlas, I fear the culprit is in the hands holding the camera.

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Hi all

Don't get me wrong I think the fz30 is an ok camera, its just not as good as i had expected. I do think that panasonic were a little lazy on this one, esp. in terms of R and D with the sensor. Some of the shots that I have taken I have liked very much, but sometimes I want to just point and click and expect consitent results and that hasn't happened.

I have just thrown a very quick hp945 gallery up ( reduced in size due to home size constraint) and cannot see much difference between the 2 cameras.

see what you think http://home.versatel.nl/d.p.mcgee/

I do think that in the right hands "any" camera (well almost) can be made to producesuperb images, and there are certainly quite a collecton of very talented photographers on this site, alas I am not one of them, not yet anyway.

anways, need to save a little more for the ist, and will keep the fz30 for travel.


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i'm in your boat mr. mcgee. i enjoyed having the fz30 very much, and when i got it it was the best decision i could have made. cost was a factor, as well as whether or not i would actually get alot more into photography than i had been previously. so for $500 i took the plunge, knowing the fz30 would be a good learning camera, but one that was equally easy to use when i or my wife didn't want to or have the time to think about it, and just snap the shot. it was great because it did make me want to learn, understand aperture and shutter speeds, lighting, metering, iso, and alot of other things about photography in general. however, at the time of my $500 purchase, a dslr was simply too far out of reach, at least $150 more than that for any brand with a kit lens. i also read alot about the cost of extra lenses, nightmares cleaning the dslr sensor, etc etc etc. in short, that a dslr would end up costing me a thousand, or thousands if i got into it and started wanting lenses that could reach as far as the fz30s ultrazoom capabilities.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"the fz30 shines outdoors, i was never disapointed with it wherever we were, in the daylight. but take it inside, or for night photography, and its just another point and shoot, with iso200 almost useable. i took over 2500 shots with the fz30, and overall was pleased with the results it gave me - i said to myself, i'll upgrade to a dslr in a year or two, when i'm completely comfortable with the controls and results of this camera.so i know my skills are the best, but they are getting better.

fast forward to july 2nd. circuit city sunday paper ad has the pentax ist DL listed at $449 after rebate with the kit lens. really? wow i thought, that is really cheap. on the 4th i thought about it again and said to myself, if the big box store has it for 449, how much can i get it for online, without tax out of state? $366 at beachcamera really got my mind racing. all of a sudden i could sell the fz30 for more than that on ebay (got 440 buy it now, should've asked for more with the extras cause it was sold in under 2 hours) and get a dslr! the more i read about pentax, and their backwards lens compatibility, the more excited i got. No, i'm not buying $500 lenses right away, but i've found on ebay, and on KEH (used camera online store) that i can get a whole range of pentax, tamron, sigma and tokina lenses, many for under $50, that WILL give me the effective range of the fz30 (a 100-300mm lens is actually multiplied by 1.5, giving it 200-450mm - for example). i picked up (haven't recieved yet) a tamron 80-210mm lens w/hood on KEH for $35 plus $12 shipping. so, with the kit lens and that, i effectively have 28 (nice wide angle to boot) through 315mm, (though there is a gap from 85 to 120 - which can be filled in the future).

i can definitely see that i have more learning to do now that i've purchased the entry level dslr, but i'm definitely looking forward to it. at this point, it was still the cost of getting more serious equipment that i was able to take the plunge. alot of people refer to cameras like the fz30 as a bridge camera, and i guess if the bridge is the learning that you're willing to do, i felt i was close enough to crosing it that i could make the jump to the dslr level.

boy was that long! i don't want to be hated on here, it just feels like everytime someone comes by and says they don't like the quality of the fz30, or they want to move upto something new because the fz30 doesn't 'do it for them' anymore, there is a long list of people jumping in and telling them to stop and think about 'how much it will cost' and 'it really is as good as a dslr'. i feel likethe fz30 isa step, and if thats as far as you want to go, or if you only shoot outdoors this probably can be the last stop and you will be comletely satisfied, but if your shooting situations vary widely, the move up to a dslr will give you more opportunities for a great photo - at least thats what i've seen so far from my new camera.
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