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PeHa Jan 7, 2006 3:50 AM

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All pictures shownhere are resized full images.

I'm truly happy with the results of the TCON17 with respect for its price, weight and format. It's a well fit for the FZ30 and has a 55mm thread. For a more detailed review check here, especially the distance tests (Nikon shows the best results but is about three times as expensive and bulkier).

There are other links and discussions to be found as well on the net. Another sample is shown here, it's a resize from a full 8MP image at 12x where TCON17 is used (meaning about 714mm focal length). Only postprocessing done is an 'auto enhance' meaning light levelling (and I thinkit includes astep of sharpening). The 3MP image (1135 mm) is reallyjust a centercrop. The edges are usually the weaker areaso if they are satisfying here they should certainly be in a crop as well.


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