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Old Oct 7, 2006, 1:27 AM   #21
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I liked them all!
#5 - the "diving" ducks is outstanding!

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Hi Beth

Wonderful photos! A lovely mix of landscape, bif's , flowers and macros and I do have quiet a few favorites including the spider pose.



:? :O
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All nice shots, Beth. I like the blurred #9. Very effective. Were you using the hd6600-55mm with the stock fz5 lens/hood adapter on the wa shots? They look great. No dark corners. Are they uncropped? Have you tried using the polarizer with the 6600? On the front of the 6600 or between the camera and wa lens? I would expect vignetting either way.

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Old Oct 7, 2006, 9:04 AM   #24
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Thanks again, all of you. ) I sure enjoyed going out to the lake that day and I am glad it is showing.

Fred, I followed the adaption others have talked about so much and I think you have as well. I hacked off the 55mm threads and slipped the Raynox (such and such) adapter over my left over plastic adapter. That does take care of any dark corners if I take my filter off the main lens. (And I can't get it off now... LOL )

Oh, and I have the Raynox DCR-6600 Pro. Is there much different between this one and the HD6600?

I think I recall cropping one of them but otherwise one of them is full wa. I had a hood with me but for some reason this cheap plastic hood I got doesn't fit on the threads but will if my polarizer is on it with the same size threads. (odd), so I held it on end with my hand but don't remember which shot it was. I am realizing I need to bring a notebook with me as I truly fail to remember what I did where with what. I did not have my larger polarizer anyways with me (duh).

I especially went out to work with the wa (before birds came along) as I had a bad experience with it at a football game. I was zooming in and had a batch of really bad photos, i.e. blown highlights, abberation of all kinds. ;o) I have learned since that with wa you don't zoom in? I thought I had seen nice photos with this 6600 zoomed in? I thought maybe I had a bad lens and wanted to practice for the Fall colors starting in almost full swing here. I guess the lens is doing ok!

Sorry for the long explanation! :G You wouldn't think I only had one cup of coffee this morn so far...

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I have to confess to everyone.... #9 was a happy accident. But it is ok to take credit for it anyways?? :G I mean I was there holding the camera and chasing my daughter...
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