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attapol Oct 15, 2003 2:57 AM

PL or C-PL for FZ2
PL (Linear Polarising) or C-PL (Circular Polarising) filter,which one best for FZ2.

PL filters can sometimes interact to give unpredictable exposure or focusing on SLR, it will effective on DSC(FZ2) or not?


normjackson Oct 15, 2003 5:47 AM

monitep, who contributes to this forum, advised a LP is fine on an FZ1 at dpreview :

For a debate on some of the techie issues see :


Monitep Oct 15, 2003 8:30 AM

I confirm
I have changed my FZ1 to a new FZ2, and my LP filter work fine.


attapol Oct 15, 2003 10:53 PM

Thank you, Monitep and normjackson


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