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Default Place and price to sell FZ35

Well I'm over the return period.
Even though the pictures are getting better compared to when I first got the camera, I am still not fully satisfied.
I'll try more settings next couple of weeks to decide if I want to keep it otherwise will sell this and go for a D5000 or Canon entry dslr.

Would like to know if there is a better place to sell other than Craigslist and Ebay.
I saw adorama and bhphotovideo gives quote to sell used cameras but price is way to low. BH gave a quote of $130 for like new condition???
Also, if any one has input on what should be the selling price, it'll be appreciated.
Thank you
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check your PM
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Mystery I'm curious what you think is the problem with images?

I've been following all FZ35 picture threads recently trying to determine whether to keep mine or not. For the most part I've been happy with mine. I've noticed you just have a lot of noise and image shake with your camera. Is that what's causing the problem for you?

If you don't mind could you list your reasons for being unsatisfied with the FZ35? I would like to see how mine measures up to the faults you listed and then see if I got a good version or not.

Thank you if you're able to help,

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Mostly noise issues as you can see in my 1st thread http://forums.steves-digicams.com/pa...-daylight.html.

Also, when zoomed, pictures are not sharp even at ISO 80 and 1/250 shutter speed in day light.

I am still playing with settings and realized that iA mode is never to be used and it takes a lot of settings' manipulation to take a good picture. You cannot just turn the camera on and take pictures like a P&S and expect good results.
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Actually those are quite good. But I noticed that in your settings you were using Image Stabilization Mode 1. I wasn't sure about it and when I learned the settings, I went back to Auto.

Now about the image quality.. I got into photography because my best friend got into photography and purchased a Canon 550D DSLR camera.

Here are some of his pictures..

Crop off the first photo:

Photo 2 full zoom of the chimney


Now when I first saw this, I immediately said the first picture was beautiful but the subsequent pictures were blurry and I said he got a dud camera.

Later on I realized I was wrong.. when you look at high definition TV from the recommended distance it looks beautiful. Come up close on the TV and its pixelated.

His pictures were 5184 pixels wide and at crop meant to be blurry since I was looking too close. The pictures you're taking, you're viewing at 4000 x 3000 crop.. you're looking at it too closely. (which are the squirrel pics)

The ones of the stream are way too blurry even on normal viewing.. I might attribute that to image stabilization being on mode 1 instead of auto.

Also I personally noticed.. the picture adjustment in FZ35 although great is not universal. I got great pictures of some close up of leaves but when I took some family pictures, I was kicking myself. So now I'm exclusively shooting RAW and post processing them. I tend to like fixing things much better with photoshop than I do fixing jpegs which are already too sharp or too bright.

And also I'm getting a little bit of blur in the edges with spot metering. I still have to try area to confirm its spot metering to blame or higher iso.. likely both.

And 1 other thing - I don't mean to patronize you at all, but I fixed a bit of my blur problem by holding the camera the right way too. I was too relied on the LCD and often getting blur/ streaks even with 1/125 shutter speeds so I did some research on how to hold a dslr properly and tried that and now pictures are much much better for me by using left arm against my chest and using the palm to hold entire weight of the camera from the bottomand using right hand to steady it.

See if any of these points help you before you ditch the camera.
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That's really some great info Jyaku.

Have Fun - Be Nice - Don't Break Anything
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Default FZ35 vs D5000 LOL!

A Couple of weeks ago i send a flickrmail to a person who's owned an FZ 35 and a D5000 and he said that the IQ in good light conditions are the same or even better with the FZ35?! I am not tring to compare a P&S with a DSLR but the FZ35 takes better pictures than a common P&S.

Here are his answer...(by the way the link provided by him does not function)

Hi Edufloyd.
You can compare two full size photos taken in the same light by downloading this file.
I was using a Tamron 28-300mm lens on the D5000 at 300mm
If you look at my flickr pictures the first 3 were taken with the FZ38. I think you will agree that the IQ is excellent.
Your decission really does depend on what and where you are going to photograph. If mainly during the day then the FZ35 is fine and very hard to beat. For fireworks the D5000 would probably work better although I haven't tried.
However, if you buy a D5000 you will want different lenses and it will cost a lot of money. The camera is only as good as the lens.
For IQ against price I give the FZ35/38 95% and the D5000 55%

I probably would not have bought the Nikon unless my brother hadn't persuaded me!!
So in answer to your question. In good light you cannot detect any difference in IQ, sometimes I have thought the FZ38 was better! The D5000 gives slightly better depth of colour. You can also get a shallow depth of field (DOF) with the D5000 which you can't with the FZ. Although I have found this very annoying when taking pictures of butterflies, you tend to get half the butterfly out of focus which can be annoying.
The D5000 can give slightly soft pictures which need sharpening whereas the FZ pictures are sharp straight out of the camera.

Very difficult decission. As I said, depends on how you will be using the camera. The big advantage of the FZ for me is that it is light and ideal to take on holiday or walking. With a D500 you never know what lens to take and the lenses are heavy.

I hope you have understood everything OK.
All the best.
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I won't pretend to be a photographer, I'm amateur at best but listening to mtclimber, clint501's advice I'm getting a little better.

Coming from a Canon SD1000 Elph.. I could never dream of making shots like these.. FZ35 ISO locked at 200 max, I used flash fill since it was dusk - Sorry clint.

Oops I scared him away!

Well, Hello there! Come down here my little friend!

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I have had a lot of "Point and Shoot" cameras, and I tend to notice
that with most of them, I could pull the camera out, hold the camera
steady, take a shot, and the image "most of the time" had the
correct colors, exposure and just looked good, even if it may not
have been an image I wanted to keep, if I try that same thing with
the FZ35 it almost always ends up bad, to take a good shot with
the FZ35 I seem to have to put a lot of thought and effort into
each image, I kinda of like, and dont like, that at the same time,
it teaches me how to take good photos, but sometimes I just
want to be lazy and just snap a picture.

I often carry two cameras with me, just for this reason
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Thank you all for comments and suggestions.

I think your explanation fits my dissatisfaction with FZ35.
iA mode is supposed to be P&S but it doesn't give good pictures most of the time.
While there are many features and settings, it'd be much better if the iA mode at least matched P&S cameras quality and when you have time, play with settings and get feel of SLR. That way it'd be a bridge camera. What I find is FZ35 is more like SLR that you need to work on settings each time to get decent photos as one same setting gives different results with different pictures. If pictures are taken in auto mode, it's horrible most of the time and you have to remember all the settings in your head depending upon situation.
I am getting down to this: It is a P&S hybrid camera that you can't do P&S and needs work on settings like a SLR but can't get quality of SLR either.
I always had P&S cameras and this is the first semi-slr type camera.
May be this is because it's hard to move from P&S experience!!!

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