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They did turn out well but I can see what you mean about your "paradise" disappearing.
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tcook wrote:
They did turn out well but I can see what you mean about your "paradise" disappearing.
Paradises everywhere are disappearing. Even in the remotest corners of Alaska. Plowed under by our greedy addiction to "growth".
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You are seeing what i am .Your shots are way better than i can do ,But my uk fz 2 takes as good a photo as my fz 20, without a doubt, like my Canon A 95 a little slower but better built and as good as my A 610 soon to be sold ie not so well built imo, and few improvements , Are we wasting money buying newer models? . I think we are in my opinion . my fuji f 11 was a surprise though so good for low light shots real fast too ,real progress, not small diferences we pay lots for sometimes i feel ,, all my opinion though .
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NickTrop_redux wrote:

Outstanding pics. Glad to see you're still using the FZ-1. Still gets the job done. I know I'll offend others here, but it's just my opinion that the newer models just don't buy that much over the original in terms of image quality or functionality for snap-shot sized pics, or Internet viewing.

Very nice...



I agree with you since I went camera happy with getting the FZ10 and FZ20 and found that it is a bit more work to get a great shot out of those cameras. Definitely, the FZ1v2 isthe chameleon camera with IR shots as an added bonus. I enjoy its compactness, color accuracy, image sharpness and most obvious its range at 2.8

Also using the Vivitar DF200 slave flash has made a tremendous difference in indoor shots.

I am more in the dSLR mode nowbut just love the simplicity of just grabbing this little gem and getting some wonderful shots.

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