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Default Please, recomend me a UV filter

Hi all!!

I have a Pana FZ38, I am bored of cleaning the lens, I think it has a special antireflec coat, that I am removing everytime I clean the surface.
My 5, 4, 3 and 2 years old nephew like too much my lens...

I wanted to buy a kind of good UV filter in order to avoid this.

Some time ago I bought from a VERY cheap hong-kong web a ND filter. Bad and cheap filter it was just to try in some pictures.

But the UV will remain in the camera all the time, so I think it has to be kind of good, so my pictures are not too bad because of it.

I have seen, B+W, they are too expensive I think.
I habe also seen Kenko and Hoya, not too expensive, but, enough?
Then some JYC, I think they are cheaper but worse, right?
I then some other... Massa brand, in the web from hong-kong, really cheap, but they are not recommended right?

What brand should I buy, and how much (more or less) do I have to spend?

If you could also recommend a polarized filter, I would be even happier :-)

Thanks in advance!!
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A good quality multicoated filter is the first thing to buy for a digital PS camera. It protects the main lens in many ways and you can clean it properly until your hearts desire and just replace it if it gets too bad.

Go for a Hoya mulicoated UV filter.

The UV filter IMO doesn't do much else but protect your main lens.

Should be under $20 for your $300 equipment.


Get a circular polarizer for filming water, thru water and glass and I believe a linear one for filming the skyscapes.

I only know about circular ones.

$35 here and you may want to try Ebay for this one.


I assume the F38 has 46mm lens threads like the FZ35.

I have a feeling you are not in the USA with the FZ38 but you now have an idea of costs and quality recommended.

I'd stay away from the cheap branded poorly coated filters and lenses unless just buying a ring adapter.

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Yes, I do not live in the USA, I live in Spain, the other side of the Atlantic Ocean

What in the US is called FZ35, here it is called FZ38, do not ask me why, I do not know.

What you told me was just what I wanted, I did not want to expend too much, neither I wanted to expend too few and get poopy pics.

Again, thank you!!

PS: "I have a feeling you are not in the USA with the FZ38" <-- That means you did not get that because me English is poor cool!
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I agree with Chris, Hoya is a good brand, not too expensive.

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Default You're right

Nahiko, you're right about being careful to not buy a cheap filter that can ruin your pictures.
I just read about someone who thought his camera was broken because the pictures were blurry, but it was really a defective filter.
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don't go with cheap filters, they will show their short comings in your photos. If you get one, get a good one.

Hoya is good, get their smc or digitalpro.
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