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Hello....I had my heart set on the S3 IS but then a salesman recommended the Panasonic DMC-FZ7 which is a great price and includes adaptor for filters and lense hood. Please give me your epinion and reasoning behind it. Thanks!!!
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Hi Fed

Its a tough question your asking - from what I've read in the print magazines when the two cam's come head to head the FZ7 just eases past the S3. Both cam's are good so you can't go wrong with either one. The best thing to do is go into thre store and try both camera's and see which one feels comfortable and natural in the hand. Have a look at the images as well and print them out and see which ones you prefer and take it from there.



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Although I'm not a Canon fan (was very disappointed with the S2 and ended up selling it) from the reviews I've read I think the S3 is better than the FZ7. The major problem with the FZ7 is noise, not just at higher ISO. That plus the fact that it uses proprietary batteries, which I despise, the S3 video capabilities amongst other features, make the S3 a better choice. However, it costs a lot more than the FZ7. I recently bought the FZ20 because of its optics (f2.8 across the entire zoom range), hot shoe and amanual focus system that is as close to a DSLR as it can get and even though the camera captures great images, noise isa problem as well as purple fringing. In the end, I must say that IMO the Sony H1 is probably the best 12x zoom camera out there (in its category, of course).
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As a very happy FZ7 owner, (I had an FZ3 before that) I can recommend the camera to you. However, as mentioned you need to look at both closely. I much preferred the menu, handling and weight of the FZ series over the canon series. Both are great options.

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I agree with the other FZ7 comments here. It''s a close call but the Panny wins out for what a camera is most used for-picture quality.
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Having recently played with an S3, I'd still take the FZ. It has slightly better handling, and of course that fabulous Leica lens. The S3 has more gimmicks (most of which I can't see much use for after the first time you play with them), the only one I'd like to see on the FZ is the ability to set second curtain flash mode, but that's obscure enought that it probably falls into the "gimmick" category. So in my opinion the FZ still wins out.
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I'd say go with the FZ7 as well.

FYI, Megapixel just reviewed it and gave its lens 10/10. It scored well in other areas too.
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