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The "prettiest" and "best" are the images you would hang in your own home.
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I'm glad to see that the site gurus there seem to have gotten a handle on the hardcore porn stuff andremove it quickly.

Now, I guess my biggest complaint is that there are several pictures I'd like to vote for because I really like them, but they always seem to come up matched with one of the really superb ones.

And wow, there seem to be several more of the really superb ones than there were yesterday.

What is everyone's opinion on the NASA / Hubble etc. space images there?

They sure are wonderful, but they aren't really photos; they are computer simulations of all sorts of data blended into a coherent image.

I can't decide whether or not to vote for them when they are matched with a decent picture that regular people were able to produce with a camera and a little Photoshop work, but are less than outstanding.
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