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I have alwaystaken my digital photos to a shop to get them printed. (Ive never wanted the hassle of trying to print at home.)

Over time, I've been noticing a big difference in each. Here's my thoughts for each:

Ritz/Wolf camera in-store
By far the best results for me. Fantastic quality, good photo editing options. Printed on Fuji paper, not sure what printing equipment used (says "Crystal Image") Will cost a bit more than most other drugstore-type places, but well worth it if you plan on framing or giving as a gift or just can't stand seeing any pixelization.

1-hourMa and Pa photo shop
These guys usethe Agfa digital print system. Easy to use and cheaper than Ritz, but image quality lacks. You can see "squares" 4x6 photos and even more pixelization in 5x7s (I wasn't about to go any larger from them!) Colors also lack. I had the same photo printed at Ritz and Agfa, the difference is VERY obvious. However, if you were making large quantities of 4x6's to hand to friends, family, etc... this might not be a bad choice as prints are like $0.19

Kodak photo places
These use the yellow Kodak do-it-yourself system. Again, a bit cheaper than the Ritz processing, but print quality lacks and colors seem a bit off. Not my favorite by any means.

I'd like to hear other's thoughts on this topic. While I love having a hard drive full of photos ready to email to friends and family at anytime, I still like having prints to take with me!

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I did some comparison shopping with getting my pictures developed when I went to Jamaica. I tried Walgreens, Proex, ofoto, and printing at home. I found that the colors from my home printer turned out the most vivid. But my second favorite was Ofoto (now Kodak Picture Gallery). I thought their color and quality was great. The color was WAY better than the proex pics I got, which looked a little dull, so I have always been ordering my photos online at Ofoto. Walgreens photos were a little flimsy and the color wasn't great. However, this "experiment" was done a year and a half ago. Now proex had merged with ritz/wolf camera, walgreens has a new setup, and ofoto is now owned by kodak. I've been taking mine to proex again, and so far so good. I don't know if they've changed anything over the past year or two, but they do a good enough job for my everyday pics. I'll have to test them out again next time I go somewhere tropical and see if anything has changed.
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I like printing at home, but lots of people like Costco and Sams club .

A lot has to do with the knowledge of the person in charge of processing.
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