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When taking pictureswith sky or water, areas in my photos have missing pixels or washed out pixels, especially in areas of the photo that are blue or gray.

This does not happen on all photos and the missing pixels do not appear in the same place in any photo.

My camera is set on Aperature Priority setting mostly but this has happened in full automatic mode as well. We have 2 Lumix DMC-FZ20 cameras and both of the cameras are having the same issue. I have swapped memory cards and tried new memory cards but I still get the same result.

I have attachedphotos so you can see specifically what I mean.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas what would cause this?

Panasonic says it is a service issue but since I have the same problem on 2 identical cameras I don't really buy that.

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I would check the saturation settings on that camera. But others with more experience will probably lead you in a better direction.
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the odds of two FZ20's in one householdhaving identical "pixel" problems are infinitesmal at most. also, if the problem were related to missing or damaged pixels in your camera, the problem would show up on most, if not all, of your photos, and would always be in the same place relative to the frame of the image(pixels don't move around on the sensor...).

the pic you posted is a very monotone one, lots of gray and very little color; if you only have this problem on similarly dull images, perhaps you have the saturation settings in your cameras set at "high", and the cam is trying to produce colors where there really are none, or perhaps you've tried to compensate for the dull colors by increasing saturation and contrast in PP? possibly, if you have the in-camera sharpening set too high, you might see this as well. either that or there really WAS some sort of blue stuff floating in the water!! :?

take a look at your camera settings for sharpness &saturation, and make sure none of the settings are set to "high". perhaps if you could note what the settings were for this pic, it would help pinpoint the problem...

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Nope, all settings are set to STANDARD.

Nothing floating on the water - see this of the sky...
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Hasa lens cleaner been used on both cameras?
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I would check the image size and quality settings in the camera menu - seems to me there are jpeg packing artefacts in your picture (which means that as the picture file is packed down to save space on the memory card, some details will be lost, especially when the picture is reviewed in large size).
I would advise to use the largest picture size and the better quality setting, if there isnĀ“t a special reason to do otherwise (for example, picture will only be used on web pages).
Hope you find out the reason for the malfunction without having to send your cameras to service.
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