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LEK Dec 21, 2010 10:32 PM

No it didn't work. Dealing with panasonic has been pretty much a joke. After hours of trying to resolve this, I spoke to a supervisor who said he was going to bring up the manual and call me back in 10 minutes to walk me through it. An hour and a half later no call, I called him back, was told I was in the cue, would get a call withiin 24 hours, and they refused to give me his name or his supervisors name so that I could complain about the way he was dealing with this. eventually spoke to some else who said all the things the other customer service people has told me were false and that I couldn't convert from AVCHD within the computer, at least not without more software. i give up. I will just take photos is MJpeg from now on, which seems to be running fairly well in Windows . My e-mail seems to be having a hard time sending the video though, it's still stuck in the outbox as I'm writing this. Anyone have that problem with MJpeg files in e-mail?

Clint501 Dec 22, 2010 8:06 AM

LEK - that's normal for email - it's not stuck - it's sending the file.
If you are emailing a large video file it takes quite a long time to upload it.

What is the upload and download speed of your internet provider?

I have DSL service I get 6.4 megabits download but only .43 megabits upload (only 1/15th the speed) so at my speed a 35 meg video takes 44 seconds to download and 660 seconds to upload so for 11 minutes it's sending the file!! Needless to say I seldom send email video files.

Have you tried this converter?

Here's another for burning AVCHD (or MTS files) to DVD

TD Cole Dec 22, 2010 11:14 AM

I use something called ConvertXtodvd and has not failed me yet on any file type and I convert A LOT. This will convert and burn in full auto mode very simply or as complex as you want to get just drag and drop, that easy.

LEK Dec 22, 2010 1:27 PM

I'll check into those converters, thanks, but I think I'm going to just shoot in Mjpeg, it's working fine when I do that. The e-mail server finally sent a message that the e-mail was too large and couldn't be sent. It was only a 3 minute video. I've had that problem with e-mailing my photos too, I can only send maximum 3 at a time or it won't send, attachment too large. I burned the AVCHD video onto a DVD using AVCHD and it burned, but when I play it back in the computer it plays really fast, everything is speeded up. Panasonic said that's is because of the speed of my computer drivers and it should play fine in a blu ray player, but I don't trust their advice anymore. It does play fine in Photofun. Think it would play normally in a blu ray player if it is speeded up played on my computer?

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