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Jersey Joe Nov 2, 2004 3:36 PM

First off... Hello to all! I'm the proud new owner of an FZ20 and have found this board quite helpful. I know I can probably find this info in various threads but figured maybe I'll ask in a new one. Please check the following and let me know if I'm off:

I gather from what I've read that the 72mm filters that are compatible with the fz20 are very expensive and not very common. Hence the Pemaraal pa62 which will allow me to use less expensive 62mm filters?

I should use an ND filter to protect the lens?



bobc Nov 2, 2004 5:25 PM

I got a Quantaray 72mmUZ Haze filter at Ritz camera for about $25.00. I use that with the Panasonic adapter to protect my lens. I keep in on all the time.

If you are into using different types of filters, and/or plan to get after market conversion lenses, then you may want to consider the 62mm adapter.

But if you just want to protect your lens, for about $25.00 you can get just the 72mm UV filter.

Hope this helps...


Nov 2, 2004 8:36 PM

How does this one look?

Jersey Joe Nov 2, 2004 10:26 PM

I just picked up a Hoya UV off of Ebay for $16.50 shipped. Thanks for your help.

Does anyone use a Neutral Density filter? I see they come in different configurations (2x, 4x, 8x). Can someone explain?

Can you "stack" filters? Does it take away from the lens at some point?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Thanks again!


ImKayd1 Nov 3, 2004 12:11 AM

Neutral density and polarizers reduce the amount of light getting in. Just remember when you stack you are limiting your light.


Nov 3, 2004 4:21 PM

How does this one look:

Rezajune Nov 4, 2004 12:39 PM

I can only talk through experience.

This is what I would recommend.

Buy the Phayee FZ10/FZ20 Tube adapter from Ron Jin (China)

Its an incredible product. Very Very high quality adapter.
It has a 62mm front thread, with an 72mm front threadextension adapter which you can add on a hood such as a hama.

I believe you pay what you get and since you only will buy only one pair of everything..might as well pay good money.

I suggest the 62mm Hoya Pro1 Super HMC Multi-coated UV-Haze filter. It will cost around 40 dollars on ebay.
This is also act as your lens protector. It is super slim only 1mm thin...and the ring is only 3mm thin. The thinner the better. Multi coating makes a big difference.

Then I would get a high quality "linear" NOT "circular" polarizer. Hoya, Heliopan, Tiffen, B&W make high quality ones. I got a high end polarizer, because that is one of the most..if not ..the most important lens you will carry around, and kept on the most time.

got the B&W Kaesemann Linear Polarizer for around 100$.
Like I said, you probably won't see the difference between the one I got and a 50$ filter. I just wanted this one, because its air tight and I may be going to extreme climates.

Do get a hood. Very important. If you get the Phayee adapter tube from ron jin (jinfinance) then get this hood.

Why? Because you can adjust the length of the hood based on what kind of photography you do..(macro versus tele)

I have bought from all these dealers and recommend them highly. Especially Ron Jin for the adapter tube. this is his email if you have any questions.

[email protected]

I will post a picture of my setup soon.

wish you the best.

By the way, never ever get a 72mm filter on these cameras for the distance between the lens and the filter is too far, most converters such as the Tcon 17..B-Macro... B-300 are 55mm and you really can't step down from 72mm to 55mm. Not recommended. You want everything to be as close to the FZ10/20 as close as possible.

I hope I helped you out a little bit.

Rezajune Nov 4, 2004 12:58 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Picture with the Phayee adapter tube, Hoya Pro 1 and Adorama Hama tele hood.

Seperated to make my point.

Rezajune Nov 4, 2004 1:00 PM

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more pictures

Rezajune Nov 4, 2004 1:01 PM

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another view

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