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Default Question about FZ100 Video Grabs

I've had my FZ100 for several days now and have explored most of the features. As an owner of the great FZ35, most of it was old stuff and easy to understand. There is, however, one little mystery that I hope someone here can solve for me.

Background,...... I tested AVCHD Lite against the Full HD and plan to use Lite. I could see zero difference in quality on a 32" Sony HD TV. Both functions are stunning! I decided to try the "cut animation" feature that allows you to grab a still from the video, in camera. It works fine. So, I then grabbed another still, using Picasa, from the same video. It also looked fine.

Here's the mystery. The Picasa grab properties show 1280x720 but the in camera grab shows the properties to be 1920x1080. I thought I had made a mistake and taken the still from a Full HD clip so I tried it several more times with the same result.

I know Big Fuzzy is a magic camera, but how can I get more resolution from one frame of a video that is higher than the video itself? Has anyone else noticed this and does anyone have an idea what's happening?

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Jack - you can use VLC player to view the FZ100 video and take a "snapshot".
It will save it at 1920x1080.
You can also view it frame by frame.

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Thanks, Clint.....I'll try that. I'm finding it very convenient to just grab stills from video in camera. Once you pause the video, you can also go frame to frame before taking the snapshot with the select button.

I used the video grab feature a lot to get action shots with my FZ35 but with the FZ100, I usually use the burst. Interesting that the bursts, at 11fps/15frames for example, don't have to completely store before taking another burst. If it's been storing only a few seconds you can still get another 5-6 image burst. It doesn't wait for complete storage. A well thought out system.

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Default 32" tv's and pixels

Hey Jack,
Just a thought on the no difference of picture from the AVCHD and lite. Most 32" "flat" TV's do not have 1080p only 720p but not all. Check the specs on your TV. From what I understand the manufactures state that the 32" screen is not big enough to take advantage of the 1080p pixel rate. The 1080p usually starts at 36" or bigger. I hope this helps and congrats on the purchase!

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